Women can’t be Rapists

Anytime the rape of a woman comes up you can be sure there are some trolls lurking around the corner who are going to cry “BUT WOMEN RAPE TOO.” As if that makes the rape any less real or any less of a very serious issue that is a reality women have to concern themselves with daily. Just try bringing up rape culture without having someone start mansplaining that girls need to be taught not to rape either. Rape is an issue that women have to worry about every single day, no matter where they go or what they do. Rape is not something a man has to spend time worrying about and quite frankly, it just doesn’t happen to men unless it’s by another man.

Cue the male freak-out. Yep I said it. Women don’t rape men. There are many times when men will pass out drunk only to find a girl on top of them. Guess what they say to that? “Well I probably would have consented anyway.” They don’t care. It’s not going to scar them for life and chances are it won’t physically hurt them in any way. On top of that, they don’t have to worry about pregnancy. They can just get up and move on with their lives.

What about women who want some lovin’ from their students? People cry rape, but guess what? Those kids don’t care. They absolutely want to get laid by their teacher. To them it is a dream come true. They will be considered as heroes, have no desire to convict because they consented in the first place, and they definitely won’t be called SLUTS. They will be envied by men everywhere by fulfilling the dream of men everywhere: get with the hot teacher. Most people don’t even care. Anytime you see a right-wing article throwing a hissy fit about a teacher getting with her students just look at the comments. Their own people are like “man those are some lucky kids.” Those kids are just fine. All that teacher probably had to do was ask nicely. The male teacher on the other hand has to manipulate and use his authority and pretend to love a young innocent girl to get her to do anything willingly. These are two totally different scenarios.

Think about sex too, for a moment. Men don’t just get erect. They literally cannot have sex without becoming erect. Some will complain “but he was scared.” Really? A man can easily overpower a woman if he wants to. Even a boy can overpower a woman. He’s not scared of anything. He’s erect because he wants to have sex, and is therefore consenting. A woman on the other hand has no choice.

This is not to say there aren’t some issues with female sex however. Lesbians unfortunately suffer from internalized patriarchy. They believe they need to penetrate one another with phallic objects in order to achieve sexual gratification. In truth they don’t need a strap on in order to enjoy each other. Men have so much control over the minds of women that even women who have no use for a man still simulate male behavior with strap-ons and other devices meant to mimic the male penis. This type of penetration is just another way to perpetuate rape into the bedroom of women who don’t even have a man. Hopefully this dies out and women realize it’s possible to not need a shred of man in your life. One also has to question if one woman assaults another using a phallic device, does this cross over into rape territory? Probably, but men and patriarchy are still involved here.

The whole outcry about female rapists is just a distraction from real rape. It’s like the all lives matter movement. When people are cornered with reality they try and retaliate by pointing the finger somewhere else, to distract from real issues. Even if I conceded that female rape was real, it’s still a drop in the hat compared to male rape. Far too many men are raping women and other men and that’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Don’t let men distract you (and even women who have internalized patriarchy) from what is really going on here-men rape women and women have to be on their guard constantly from the very real threat of rape.

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