Planning a date for the most romantic day of the year can come with pressure but also a lot of excitement. You might want to outdo yourself from the previous year or maybe it’s yours and your loved one’s first one and you want to make it special. Finding something to do on such a special day can be difficult if you don’t know where to look so we’ve made it easier for you and put together some of the best fun flirty date ideas just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to romance? Whether you or your partner are hopeless romantics or you want to do something different, go for the full experience of love on a special day.


Recreate Your First Official Date

Perhaps the sparks were flying from when your eyes met or maybe you were friends first and it was a slow-burning flame. Either way, this is such a romantic option that you consider, maybe 5+ years after your romance began. It is such a humble way for you to relive your whole relationship and enjoy some food as you talk about fun stories and moments after that, you realise you were in love.

Something so simple is so effective and is the perfect way for you to show your partner that you remember these little moments from the past, even if your first day was walking around a shopping centre in Leeds at age 14. It’s the thought that counts and makes the day something to remember for years to come.


Candlelit Dinner

A romantic and intimate moment would be a candlelit dinner and it never has to cost a fortune. Just spruce up the room with candles and decorations and prepare your partner’s favourite meal. Here, you can enjoy each other’s company without an audience and you can enjoy some wholesome food while you reminisce about all the years that have passed.


Weekend Getaway

A perfect way to celebrate love and create new memories would be to do something completely new and plan a weekend getaway. Whether you want a weekend in a luxury spa for you and your partner to unwind or a couple of days exploring the great outdoors to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

A weekend away is a thoughtful and generous way to show your partner you love them and want to create some meaningful memories together.


Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas

You might be the kind of couple where you are soppy and romantic and that is completely fine. Every couple is unique and sometimes less is more. So here are some cute Valentine’s ideas that you could consider.


Rom-com Movie Night

Opting for a movie night with a twist Whether you stick to categories like rom-coms or maybe you both are into action films, you could try that. You could get your partner some cosy pyjamas, get all your favourite food and treats stocked up and spend the night pigging out in front of the TV with each other. Sometimes something so chill can be exactly what you both need and just enjoying some good TV with great company is a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.


Bar Hop

If you and your partner enjoy a good drink, whether it’s wine or beer, you could try and do something fun by bar hopping. You could put a twist on it and go to places you’ve been before when you first started dating or you could do the opposite and only try new places to switch it up.


Date Night with Best Friends

Sharing the love with your friends or other couples is a fun and different way to celebrate the day of love. It’s a nice way to add something special to the day whether you want to go somewhere fancy, go for a weekend away or even just have a chill night enjoying a glass of wine.


Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas

If you and your partner want to switch things up and try something new together on such a lovely day, try one of these.


Sip and Paint

There are places dotted all around where you can enjoy a glass of wine while you paint. This is a fun and creative way to celebrate your love and you’ll both come out with a reminder of the day and if you are a romantic, a symbol of your love that you can put in your home as a constant reminder.


Axe Throwing

If you both like to live dangerously, then axe throwing might be something of interest to you. It’s a funny new trend that is popping up around the UK and could be a fun and competitive way to celebrate the day. Sometimes all you want to do is have a laugh or try new things so why can’t Valentine’s Day be a great excuse to do that?



On the topic of something wild and alternative, if you and your partner love a good competition and are running out of things to beat each other, why not try something like paintballing? It could be an exhilarating way to spend the day of love. What better way to show that than by chasing each other around a field?


Chill Valentine’s Day Ideas

Couples Massage

Something chilled and relaxed, like a couple’s massage, is a perfect treat for both of you. You get to unwind and enjoy a deep, relaxing day and this opens up the night for you both to enjoy some good food and each other’s company in the best of moods.



While some might not think this is a chilled Valentine’s Day idea, to those outdoor enthusiasts, this is a perfect way to remove yourself from the busy city life and fully immerse yourself in the outdoors and enjoy the simple pleasures together. You could have a fire going, enjoy some barbecue and at night, have a beer and gaze at the stars. Something so wholesome can also be insanely chill and romantic.


Follow Trends

There’s a fun TikTok trend that went viral for couples last year; it was based on you both doing rock paper scissors. If your partner won the first round, they got to pick breakfast, and if you won the second round, you’d pick lunch. This is just a cute way for you to enjoy some fast food that puts a little twist on the day.


Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be something both you and your partner enjoy, so in some cases, you need to meet in the middle. As long as you are both sharing the love, nothing else matters whether you go for a candle-lit dinner or a couple’s massage; it’s the thought that counts.