In 2023, the vast majority of businesses are dependent on the internet for their business to run to its full potential. The internet has become a major part of all of our lives, and this isn’t different for businesses. From digital marketing to information storage, technology can be used to streamline businesses all over the world. One of the major technological advancements when it comes to business storage is ‘The Cloud.’ It requires no physical devices like the pen drives and floppy disks of the past, and can securely store your business data securely via the internet. But what exactly is it, and is the cloud a good business storage option for your business? 

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage often sounds quite complex, but it is actually quite simple. It securely stores your data online, and is accessible by all of your devices. It uses remote servers to save all of your business files, including data, videos and images. It is saved on a virtual machine on a private server, so your data is fully protected. 


One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is that it is accessible anywhere, anytime, unlike traditional local storage options such as pen drives and floppy disks. Cloud storage services often encrypt and protect your data, so it is better protected from cyber attacks. It is also resistant to accidental damage from floods and fires, as it isn’t physical. 

Which Businesses Does It Benefit?

Although cloud storage is used by large businesses, due to the secure and cheap nature of cloud storage options, they are often the best choice for small businesses. Small businesses often don’t have the resources to invest in traditional local storage options, and are more likely to be at risk in case of emergencies that could destroy local storage (such as floods and fires.) Small businesses often only have one location, which means if their storage is destroyed, they have lost a huge part of their business. 


There are many benefits of cloud storage for a small business, including:

Enables Remote Work

Many people around the world now work remotely at least once a week. These people often work for small businesses, who are now less likely to have a physical workspace, or who may have downsized over the years with more people taking up remote work. The pandemic transformed how the workplace operated, with more people working from home than ever. Cloud storage allows workers to access the materials and data they need from anywhere in the world, allowing remote workers to work a lot better. This offers your business a lot more flexibility and allows you to hire from anywhere in the world. This could be a great way for your small business to grow. 


Improves Productivity

If you’re running a small business, you will be acutely aware of how little time you can afford to waste. Every moment counts. Small businesses need to effectively use every single bit of time they have to their full advantage. Cloud storage could save you a lot of time and improve your employee’s productivity, as cloud storage is always available and is very reliable as it runs off of wifi connection from anyway. It can allow better and more efficient collaboration between your staff, meaning projects can be completed much easier. If your employees can work together more efficiently, they will be more productive in the long run. 

Cost Effective

Funds can be limited when you’re running a small business. You need to invest your money into marketing, branding, the best materials, the best staff and much more – it can be a big dent in your finances if you spend a lot of money on storage too. Typically, cloud storage is paid for on a monthly basis, making the costs much more manageable. Usually, cloud storage only costs between £5-£15 per employee, making it very affordable especially when you compare these costs to the costs of running your own server. It is a very cost-effective storage option when you compare it against other methods. 

Is It Sustainable? 

Many businesses now base their branding strategy around their sustainable and green practices, as this is now very popular with the average consumer. It is in a small business’s best interest to improve its sustainability – and how you use the internet is no different. Using a sustainable web-providing service is one of the best ways to stay green, and your cloud storage should be no different. However, the cloud is a very sustainable business storage option – in fact, people have estimated that customers consume 84% less power by using The Cloud. Overall, it uses less electricity and has a smaller impact on the climate than other business storage options. 

Is It Secure?

Security is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing your business storage. Cybercriminals are only becoming more sophisticated, and your business data is very attractive to hackers as they can exploit it or sell it for their own financial gain. However, the Cloud is a very good option when it comes to business cyber security. By using encryption, 24/7 intrusion monitoring and two-factor authentication they can keep your business’ data secure and safe. Many Cloud storage providers even offer ransomware detection services and recovery as part of the package. But one thing to be aware of is making employees aware that you may not be covered if the storage is hacked or infiltrated as the result of them using unsafe public wifi connections – this is one of the main areas where people go wrong when using Cloud storage.

Overall, the Cloud could be a fantastic business storage option depending on the type of your business. It is cost-effective, secure and could even improve your business’ productivity, especially if you run a small business. Make sure to do all of your research before deciding on an option – this way, you will be investing in your business’ success. 



There are many benefits to using the Cloud as a storage option. With so many businesses becoming more reliant on technology and with remote working still a favorable option for many employees, it makes sense to store everything within a secure location which can be accessed by those who need it. One thing to consider is that, with the Cloud, you do also need to improve your cyber security measures to ensure that the information and data stored there is protected and less vulnerable to cyber attacks. 


The Cloud is a cost effective storage solution for numerous businesses and provides easy access to documents – if you’re considering it for your business storage solutions, then it’s definitely worth the investment. Remember to just ensure that there is as much security and protection as possible in place in line with your budgets.