Avoiding debt traps is key to self-improvement. Additionally, you must identify a debt trap before it is too late. If you are too late, your debts could get you into a lot of financial trouble. It won’t just cause an issue for your bank account but it will cause issues for your health. 

Debt traps occur when someone thinks they can take on more debt. As soon as an individual takes on more debt, they will struggle to pay off their debts because of high interest rates. This can be a never-ending cycle and your debt can continue to increase. 


What Is a Debt Trap? 

A debt trap is terminology which you may never have heard of before. This is where you will take on more debt to pay off your existing debt. A debt trap can cause you several issues with bankruptcy. 

Debt traps can spiral out of control. To avoid a debt trap, you must understand debt management. You need to have discipline and financial knowledge to help you stay away from debt traps.


What Are The Different Types Of Debt

There are many different types of debt which can lead you into a debt trap. 

Credit Cards – Credit cards are one of the main causes of debt and they can easily spiral into a debt trap. One of the biggest problems with credit card debt is the high-interest rates. 

Payday Loans – Payday loans are short-term loans and a lot of people take these out. Again, the interest rates are high, leading them to take out more payday loans. 

High-Interest Loans – Another type of debt that leads you into a debt trap is a high-interest loan. These types of loans have numerous types of unsecured loans. Personal loans or online loans will also have high interest. As mentioned above, this makes it hard to pay off. 


Recognising The Signs

Recognising the signs of debt traps is essential, especially if you are already in debt. Luckily, there are a few signs you see before you get into this sort of debt. 


You Start To Make Minimum Payments 

One of the first signs of you falling into a debt trap is you make minimum payments. This is one of the first problems that people have. You should ensure you make more than the minimum payment when you can. This way, you pay off your debt sooner so you don’t pay extra with the interest. If you pay minimum payments, you will be paying interest for longer. 


You Start Borrowing To Pay Your Debts

Another issue that many people have when paying off debt is that they borrow more money to pay it off. This all starts with borrowing money from your friends and family. Soon, this will spiral into you paying other loans to help pay off existing debts. If you take out a high-interest loan, you will struggle to pay that off as well. 


Skipping Repayments

Skipping repayments is another common early sign to pay off your debt. These people will tend to say “I will pay more next month to catch up” However, that can then be put off another month. After that, you have missed multiple repayments to the point where you cannot pay it all back in one month. 


You Have Little Savings

If you have very little savings available or none at all, this is another sign that you are getting into a debt trap. If you don’t have a safety net for that one month, you could have a problem where you will need to take out a loan. This is the start of a debt trap and soon, you will need to take more money out. 


You Start To Max Out Credit Cards

The final sign of them all is maxing out credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card but you know you are bad with money, it is advised you don’t get a credit card however, if you do have a credit card, be wary of maxing it out. This will hurt your credit score and get you into the habit of relying on your credit card.  


What Are The Damaging Effects Of A Debt?

Getting into debt is quite common in modern society and many people are capable of paying it off immediately once they are paid. Other people may not be able to do this and because of that, it can have a negative impact on their mental and physical health because they are in a death trap. 


Causes Stress and Anxiety

One of the main causes of stress and anxiety is due to money problems. Money is something we all worry about at some stage. That could be worrying about not paying the water bill or struggling to pay the food bill for the week. Other times, you could have all your bills paid off but have nothing to spend for the month. Although the latter is a better situation, it still isn’t ideal. 


Financial Strains

Another issue with debt traps is that they don’t allow you to prepare for the future financially. For example, you are unable to put money towards a house deposit because you have to use that money to reduce your debt. This causes further issues for your long-term future as well as short-term. 


Affects Your Mental Health

Money problems can cause a lot of issues with your mental health. This is why it is important to recognise the signs of a debt trap so it doesn’t affect you mentally. These effects will not only do damage to yourself but also your relationships and friendships. In fact, it is believed around 20-40% of relationships break down because of financial problems. 

As you can see there are a lot of issues which are caused by debt traps. Money is a large contributor to those who have depression and for many people, it can be hard to escape. However, if you recognise the signs early, you are ensuring you are reducing the chances of causing anxiety, affecting your financial wealth in the future and affecting your mental health. 


Final Opinions: What Should You Do If You Get Into A Debt Trap? 

There are many issues with debt traps so avoiding them is essential. If you want to be financially stable, you should ensure you have a savings pot. This should be considered to be your emergency fund in case any unexpected payments occur. It will help you keep out of debt and achieve the life of your dreams

If you don’t have an emergency fund, you will need to get financial advice which will tell you numerous debt management methods such as DMP, DRO, IVA or other methods of debt repayment. This is something you should not be ashamed of if it does occur. Getting financial help is encouraged as it will stop you from going into debt even further.