If you’re looking for fun and affordable date night ideas to enjoy with your partner, you’re in the right place. We’re here with 8 different ideas to help you get inspired and spend some quality time with your partner without spending a fortune! Spending quality time with your partner is so important and we understand it might be quite difficult for people who work long shifts, are long distant or have families, however even if you can set an hour aside to do something just the two of you, focused on quality time together on date night, it can make all the difference. If you don’t have a chance to do any of the below very often, even just getting out for a walk can make such a difference. 


Italian Night

First up, a great, romantic and affordable date night idea is to have an Italian night. Get an Italian playlist on and spend the night cooking and drinking wine together. You could keep things simple and just make at-home pizzas, or you could go all out and cook a three course Italian meal (our personal favourites are bruschettas or arancini to start, followed by your favourite pasta dish and then homemade tiramisu). You could get a few small bottles of Italian wine and do a tasting, or you could watch an Italian themed film. This is such a fun thing to do together and something a bit different, plus you can easily do it on a budget! 

At-Home Spa Night 

We all love a relaxing spa day, however they can be really expensive, so a great alternative is to recreate it at home. If you’re doing this as a surprise for your partner, then you could find a basket you have at home and get a few supplies. Things like face masks, massage oil, a cute personalised candle and maybe some fluffy dressing gowns if that’s within your budget. Then get together your favourite snacks and have a lovely relaxing evening together. You could finish the evening by watching some of your favourite programmes to fully relax. This is great as you could so easily tailor this to your budget, whether you want to spend £5 or £50. 

A Sunrise/Sunset Walk

A really romantic and potentially completely free date night idea is to go for a sunrise or sunset walk. Find a local beauty spot with a hike (make sure it’s safe to do in the dark and we’d also recommend doing it once whilst it’s completely light), then set off either early in the morning or early evening, making sure to check when the sun is due to rise. Then, you can set off and take some drinks and snacks if you don’t mind spending a bit of money. This is such a lovely and romantic way to spend your morning routine or evening and will definitely brighten up your weekend, or it can make a great start or end to a work day!


Sip and Paint

If you’d like to bring out your creative side for your date night, then doing a sip and paint session with your partner is so fun! Get your favourite drinks together then order a couple of small canvases, some acrylic paints and brushes. This can cost as little as £15 (you can get some great sets online) and it’s such a fun thing to do. You can create some art to hang up around your house or maybe create some little Christmas decorations if it’s getting close to December. You can go out and do similar classes, but you can do something really similar at home and some people prefer it as they can just be fully creative! Plus, you’ve got something to keep afterwards. 

Go Thrifting

For couples who love charity shopping or vintage clothes, then spending the day thrifting is such a fun thing to do. Choose a little town with lots of little charity shops, then you can stop at a cute cafe for lunch. You could also look for a vintage clothes fair in advance and then plan to do a little day trip there! Sometimes we find that the smaller towns and charity shops have more to offer than the inner-city ones, so you could always pair it with a nice walk or something too whilst you’re there. 

Make A Photo Album

A great date night idea to reminisce on happy memories together is to make a photo album! Order your photos online in advance, then on your date night you could go and get a nice book and then spend the evening creating a scrapbook with all your favourite photos. You could also hold onto other mementos, like cinema tickets or boarding passes, then write some little notes alongside photos to help you remember all of the fun things you’ve done together. This is a really cute date night idea that you could do once a year, maybe around your anniversary, to make sure you spend the time to look back on everything you’ve been through together that year. 

Visit A Museum 

If you want to spend the afternoon learning together, then visiting a museum is a great thing to do together. There are incredible museums all over the country, whether you’re interested in art, history or anything in between. You could even go out of your comfort zone a bit and try something completely different. There are incredible museums in cities but also smaller ones as well, so do a bit of research and find something new and different. 


Go To An Open Mic Night

If you love live music, but don’t want to pay the extortionate prices of a concert, then a great alternative is to go to an open mic night! You can discover some local talent, enjoy great music and usually they’re free so you can just pay for a couple of drinks. This is a nice cheap date night that is something really different and you’ll be supporting local musicians too, so it’s a win-win! You can also go to small gigs and usually the tickets will be much cheaper, and again this is a great way to discover new talent and enjoy time with your partner without spending a fortune! 


Final Thoughts

Enjoying time with your partner doesn’t need to cost a fortune, which we hope we’ve proven with our ideas! Whether you want to spend no money or spend a little bit, we’ve got you covered. Maybe plan one of these a month and you’ll soon see how much you enjoy spending quality time together and how important it is to prioritise it!