In some cases, larger companies need to have an in-house SEO team. By working with internal employees, they may find it more effective to ensure long-term progress. External SEO consultants are less controllable and the management may not always be able to get results that they want. It may be inefficient for small- or medium-sized companies to assemble a complete team of SEO professionals who are supported by online marketers, web programmers, designers and webmasters. However, larger companies that want to get consistent results could more than afford to have such a team in the company.

People who want to get hired for the job should previously work in a specialized SEO company. We could be able to post advertisements to encourage trusted SEO consultants and supporting professionals to work as employees in the company. We should know that assembling an in-house SEO team based on existing online marketers and webmasters in the company won’t work. SEO has become a specialized field and it takes proficient SEO professionals to do the work satisfactorily. We will never succeed to compete against the competition, if the employee doesn’t have enough skill and experience in the field.

Moreover, with actual experience working in a specialized SEO company, these professionals are able to accurately determine what kinds of challenges that they will face and how to tackle them. Online marketers and webmasters won’t know what kind of challenges that they will face. These SEO professionals also know how to apply best SEO practices. Existing employees with minimal experience in SEO field may unknowingly use black hat methods that believe as legitimate things to implement. This could ruin the SEO performance of our website and inexperienced employees may do more harm than good.

With enough experience employees in our companies, we don’t need to spend time and money for too main SEO workshops, seminars and trainings. Instead of wasting time training internal employees; experienced in-house SEO team could immediately work to find productive and profitable ideas that they can implement immediately. It is more important to have direct and daily discussions between experienced professionals; instead of wasting time training webmasters and online marketers to become full-fledged SEO professionals. As an example, SEO professionals could determine what are the most profitable and effective keywords, so immediate changes can be applied soon. The entire optimization process could become more productive and effective.

With an internal SEO team, we don’t need to have repeatedly chosen external SEO consultants, because we may need to work with different consultants due to unexpected and unforeseen issues. The initial interviewing and hiring process can be time-consuming, but we should be able to work with professionals for a longer period of time. Having full-time SEO professionals in our company can be essential to ensure better SEO performance. Hiring external SEO consultants is never easy. If we have significant online presence and large enough resources, it is better to have an effective, in-house SEO team.