There is perhaps a genetic tendency to anxiety and panic disorders; some patients report to have a family member who has or had a panic attack or any other emotional disorder like depression.

Let us consider The Body First

Research done with twins has proved the probability of genetic inheritance of panic disorder. Anna Gibson Steel is a licensed therapist and author of 60 second panic solution review, quoted that “A Biological malfunction in a body may also cause panic disorder, although a particular biological marker has not yet identified.” Individuals from all races are susceptible to panic and anxiety disorder. Although reasons are yet to be found, women are twice as likely to get panic disorder as compared to men.

Is Panic Attack A Mind or Body Phenomenon?


Stressful events like recent separation or loss are major triggering factors for these disorders. Some researchers compare life stressor with a thermostat; which means, whenever stresses lower an individual’s resistance, the fundamental physical tendency kicks in as well as triggers a panic attack.

Mind and Body Both: Psychological and physical causes of panic disorder work collectively. Although initially the attacks may come all of a sudden, ultimately the victim may really help bring him on by taking an action to the physical symptoms of physical attack.

For instance, if a sufferer experiences a racing heartbeat because of exercising, drinking coffee, or taking a particular medicine, they might interpret these conditions as a symptom of panic attack and anxiety. However exercise, coffee and medications often contribute or cause panic attacks. A frustrating thing for a sufferer is, not knowing the ways to isolate these different triggers of panic solution. That is why the right treatment or therapy for panic disorder concentrates on all factors psychological, physical, as well as physiological aspects of panic disorder.

Physical and Psychological Side Effects of Panic Disorder

The direct risk with panic is that it often causes a phobia. That is because as soon as an individual have a panic attack, he or she may start to avoid or escape the situations that they were in under attack. For example if it occurs while driving, an individual avoid driving till he or she develop a real phobia towards the situation. Worst is the development of agoraphobia i.e. the fear of going outdoor, because they think hiding may help them to avoid all harsh situations that provoke panic attack or they might not get help. People with panic attack;

  • Are more flat to drug or alcohol drug abuse
  • Have high risk to attempt suicide
  • Spend more time in hospital emergency
  • Spend lesser time on sports, hobbies, and other satiating activities.