The most often asked question among the phone lovers is how to sell a broken iPhone easily. We all know that accidents happen irrespective of how careful you are about your iPhone’s safety. Talking about the most common causes of iPhone damage are the slipping of the phone out of hand while hurrying to reach office/home or forgetting about having iPhone in their pocket while jumping into the pool. Whether your phone screen is shattered or it is all about water damage, it is enough to have that feeling of dread in no time. Does it mean that your precious iPhone has lost its value?  No, absolutely not. Fortunately, you do not need to get worried that way much as a reputed platform is available so that you can sell your broken iPhone quite easier.

How To Sell Your Damaged iPhone 6

What to do before selling your broken iPhone 6-

Are you going to sell your broken iPhone 6? Do not forget to follow these below-mentioned essential tips so that you would not have to take extra stress about the safety of your data and other precious information.

  • You need to deactivate your iPhone in your iCloud account to maintaining the safety of your data and information.
  • Go through the setting to erase all content and setting to make sure that all your personal stuff has been deleted.
  • Disable your passcode if the display of your mobile is on working-mode. But if it is already damaged then write it down and add it to the description of “sell my iPhone 6 broken.”
  • Deactivate your passcode if the display is working properly. Otherwise, make sure that you have written it down including with your broken iPhone while providing information.
  • To get to know about the exact model of your iPhone, go through the “Settings ?About” section. Here, you would get to know that which service career your iPhone 6 is assigned to.
  • Before selling, you also need to make sure that all service plan contracts have expired. You may also call your service provider to know more about if not sure.

Best Platform To Sell Your Broken iPhone

This digital platform brought a smile on many iPhone lovers’ face since they know that there is a reputed web portal where they can easily sell their broken iPhone without confronting any major issues. Such sites are dedicated to bridging the gap between the sellers and buyers. The assiduous method is being followed to make the customers happy and satisfied since the motto is developing a long business relationship. The process of selling online broken iPhone is quite easier as this digital platform has been created after the easy-to-navigate feature.

Now, the idea of selling your broken iPhone 6 would not haunt you anymore as you have to know that it is easy to find a genuine buyer. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead to sell iPhones without taking much stress.