As more people become immersed into the digital world, the need to get regular eye exams will increase moving forward. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that reveals that exposure to digital devices, including computers, tables and smartphones, can have a negative impact on vision, especially for individuals who are exposed to the devices for prolonged periods of time during the day. There also other reasons why every person should make it a point to make all of their scheduled eye exams as well.

Like other regular doctor’s visits, people can become extremely creative when it comes to making up excuses why they cannot make their appointments. While it is easy to understand why a person might want to avoid a dental exam, it is baffling why a person would look for ways to avoid their eye exam.

The Actual Cost Of An Eye Exam and Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Next One

The Exam is Too Expensive

One of the most common excuses that people use to avoid visiting their optometrist is that the visit is too costly. Actually, an exam can range anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00, depending on where the exam is being conducted. According to All About Vision, when eye exams are conducted in eye care centers in retail stores like Walmart, the cost can be $50.00 or less. The cost of eye exams can increase slightly when the exam is conducted in a more specialized eye care center; however, when the benefits of undergoing the exam are considered, the cost of the examination is minimal in comparison to the benefits.

The Reason People Should Not Skip Their Next Eye Exam

While it can be easy to minimize the importance of getting a regular eye examination, the truth is that many serious eye conditions are gradually degenerative in their progression, meaning that they occur so slowly that they can be almost impossible to detect without professional assistance. Fortunately, the technology and expertise that will be present at most eye care and vision centers will ensure that the individual will be able to detect any issues with eye health early. The earlier an adverse condition is detected, the better the chance of being able to effectively treat it, preserving the vision of the individual.

Additionally, eye health is highly indicative of overall health, so, an ophthalmologist may be able to identify certain physiological abnormalities in the eyes that could alert them to a preexisting condition in another part of the body.

A Reduction in Eyewear Costs

When a person follows their regular eye exam schedule, it can help them reduce the cost of eyewear, by reducing the severity of the correction needed. The better a person takes care of their vision, the less costly the corrective measures will be when the time comes to make them. The degeneration of vision is natural to a certain point, but this degeneration can be mitigated significantly through proper eye care.

Although most people don’t give a second thought to routine eye examinations, failing to keep those regularly scheduled appointments could have far-reaching consequences. Considering the minimal costs, it is more than worth it to keep that next appointment.