Why John Baxter is a Feminist Hero.

“Yes false rape reports are wrong, but how many men have never seen the inside of a cell after raping a woman? I say that men who are falsely accused are unofficial justice to those women.” – John Baxter

Finally! Someone said it. John Baxter is a feminist hero. There are very few actual male feminists out there that set aside their privilege and humble themselves enough to see reality for what it is. Women are constantly being raped by men. There are those who would even argue that sex of any kind from a man is rape because they are inconsiderate of us as human beings and they use us for their own selfish purposes. We are the ones who have to ingest birth control chemicals. We are the ones that have to endure pregnancy. We are the ones who have to abort unwanted fetuses. As a result of all of our suffering and the injustice we endure, why shouldn’t men be forced to pay for their crimes?

Some would complain (most likely cis men) and say that men are who are falsely accused of rape are innocent. I would point out that men are willfully ignorant about rape culture and therefore commit acts of rape far more often than they are willing to admit. They are responsible for rape culture. They rape us when they give us unwanted compliments. They rape us when they don’t ask permission to touch us. They rape us when they are offended by our lack of interest in them. They rape us, oppress us, and dominate us in every facet of life. They are still very much in control.

It is time that men be held accountable for rape culture. Every man alive is guilty of contributing to rape culture. There are very few, probably something like 5% of men like John Baxter, who actually are aware of their tyrannical behavior and recognize that something must be done to stop it. Men who are jailed for “false” accusations of rape deserve to be jailed. They are part of the problem. Until men become cognizant of the fact that their very existence is an injustice to women everywhere, they will continue to rape us. I have no sympathy for a man forced to pay for his crimes whether he raped a woman by penetrating her or he like most men, is responsible for rape culture.

There is no reason to feel sorry for a man behind bars who has been accused of rape. They question us when we confess to being raped all of the time, they deserve to know how it feels to be trapped and unheard. Men commit far too many rapes that go on unpunished. They frequently convince us to have sex with them when that’s not really what we want. They pressure us into having sex. They become enraged when we take back consent the next day and claim we are unable to do this. They view us as bags of meat only useful for providing sexual pleasure and spreading their seed.

So yes, John Baxter is one of the extremely microscopic number of men out there who understands that men must pay for their violent crimes against women, and he’s therefore a feminist hero.

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