Trans women ARE women and rejecting them is Transphobic

Well I said my next article would be about how to get back at your cheating man but I’m still collecting research for that and I thought of something much more pressing to address.

I was having a conversation with an ignorant man who said he was only attracted to “biological women.” He was obviously making a jab at trans women as if they were “other” than any other woman. Trans women are women whether anyone likes it or not. They can’t help how they feel inside. They have no control over the body that they did not ask for.

Many women don’t have uteruses or are unable to conceive so this shouldn’t be a reason to say that a woman isn’t a woman. That’s not even an argument it’s just blatant transphobia. This didn’t seem to be the issue to my angry friend though, this ass said that he would not have sex with another person with a penis and that it was “gay” for him to give oral sex to someone with a penis or be penetrated by a penis.

It’s a WOMAN’S penis. If the penis is attached to a woman then it is a woman’s penis and it is therefore not gay to do anything sexual with it, even if you’re a man. Men can’t get past genitalia long enough to understand that a woman is a woman regardless of what her body looks like. It’s none of your business what genitalia is under her garments in the first place so if you take her back home control your shock when you see she’s packing too.

If you found a cute little number at the bar and later found out she has a penis then that’s no reason to shoo her away. Open your mind to the fact that some women just have penises. It’s not a big deal. And no she does not have to get rid of it or turn it into a shiny new vagina to make you feel at ease. If she wants to keep her penis it makes her no less of a woman.

Some women have penises. Get over it. Also some women can’t get pregnant. Get over that too.

Society needs to change it’s mind about women in general. Large curvy women are not ugly. Women with penises are women. If you like what you saw then you were just attracted to another woman. What is between her legs is of little importance. You might even like it. Don’t pretend like men don’t enjoy their fair share of anal penetration.

It’s time to put your prejudices in the past and start accepting trans women as the women they are. The sexy, sometimes penis wielding women. Oh yeah, and sometimes they like to keep their beards. Why not?

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