Around two thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and while many people live in fear of the ocean and all of the creatures beneath the water’s surface, many of us know that it is well worth embracing the sea and all that it has to offer.

There are many different types of water sports that you have to try, and they are all suitable for all kinds of people. Whether you love discovery, energetic activities or have a strong sense of adventure you will love these top 7 must-try water sports:

1) Water Skiing

The Top 7 Must-Try Water Sports For All Abilities One of the most popular water sports in the world, water skiing is all about keeping your balance. Much like skiing, it is all about technique and getting used to the speed of the boat that pulls you along. Hire out 2 skis that are comfortable on your feet and then hire a instructor to take you through the basic technique so that you can get up on the skis and stand for as long as possible. Once you have had lessons and plenty of practice you can challenge yourself even further and start trying out all kinds of new tricks.

2) Surfing

When you think of water sports, surfing is usually at the top of the list, and this is because although it’s quite a technical sport it is also one of the most enjoyable and one of the most addictive. You will generally begin to learn how to surf on the beach where you can practice your paddling and standing up techniques. After this, you can go into the water and get used to the waves under your board. Learn with a funboard, which are quite big and rounded, and will help you with balance more than a small board will.

3) Scuba Diving

What can be better than swimming down into the depths of the ocean and discovering ship wrecks, reefs and a variety of sea creatures? Scuba diving can help you explore all of this and more and it is a great way of teaching yourself new skills whilst also learning more about the ocean. Rent your gear if you want to save money on a one-time trip and make sure that you sign up to a tour group so that you can stay safe whilst also being taken to some of the best snorkel spots.

4) Snorkeling

For the younger adventure lovers out there, scuba diving might be too much for you or you might be restricted by your age or medical problems. Snorkeling doesn’t require you to go more than a few inches below water and is a great alternative to scuba diving and you can still learn so much about ocean life. Remember to buy snorkeling sets that fit your face perfectly and always practice breathing techniques so that you can properly expel water when you come back up for air.

5) Jet Skiing

If you love to go fast then you will love jet skis. These powerful water ‘motor bikes’ will give you the ride of your life and is a great way to have fun on your own or with friends. Although quite expensive to hire, you can search around for the best deals at your local beach or try and find the best prices at a vacation spot.

6) KayakingThe Top 7 Must-Try Water Sports For All Abilities

Take a couple of kayaking lessons and then get stuck in with your kayak and oar and head through a picturesque river or lake. Kayaking can be as extreme or as calm as you want it to be depending on your surroundings so make sure you don research before you head out. Always do this with a few friends so that you can watch out for each other as well as sharing this amazing experience together.

7) Sailing

If you ever have the opportunity and the money to do so, go sailing. It is an exciting and educational sport and you can have so much fun travelling from place to place that you will want to do it as often as possible. Owning a boat is of course expensive, but if given the chance to go on a sailing excursion on vacation – do it!

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