Office Style: Making A Great Impression On Business ProspectsWe’ve all been told that first impressions mean a great deal. Whether or not that’s actually true, no one wants to take a chance on losing a business opportunity by starting off on the wrong foot. When it comes to a company’s office space, the décor and appearance contribute to the impression you’ll make on potential clients. So the question then becomes, what do the immediate surroundings say about your company and how you conduct business?

In the business world, appearance only accounts for so much, yet it does play an important role. You may be conveying a great deal about your organization in subtle ways. Consider that you want your office to look the way you want your potential clients to think about your company: as a place that’s professional as well as stylish.

In your office décor, you’ll want to convey some clear messages about your business’s identity and here we’ll suggest some essentials your company should consider when tacking the issue of office décor.


This is at the top of the list since, no matter what your business culture is like, whether you’re a cutting-edge web design group or a corporate law firm, conveying your organization’s professionalism is important. Regardless of your style, how your business presents itself should send the message that you’re trustworthy and can deliver when clients need it. Simply being organized can convey a feeling of dependability and expertise.

Also, too little can be just as bad as too much. You don’t want to make the place look like a frat house after a party, but you also don’t want to create drab, antiseptic surroundings that will give people the impression you’re a generic business without any personality behind its work.

Employee Health & Comfort

Hand in hand with professionalism is being able to demonstrate that you’ve created the optimum working conditions for your employees. Certain elements such as plants and indoor water features can contribute to eliminating air pollutants and allowing for a more relaxing environment. Studies have proven that plants can have a direct effect on resistance to sickness and help create a healthy atmosphere, both of which are factors in overall employee productivity and morale.

An indoor water fountain also contributes to air quality, as it draws dust and dirt out of the air while also giving off negative ions, which activate serotonin levels in the human brain. These boost one’s energy level and mood, allowing for greater productivity and concentration. If your organization is not only interested in making a big impression, but has the space and budget to afford it, an indoor waterfall can definitely be a big conversation piece and distinguish your company as a unique one as far as office décor.

Style as Part of Company Identity

Style can potentially be a deciding factor when a client wants to do business with your organization. You may have all the characteristics a client is looking for, but if you don’t convey the right feel, they’ll decide to keep looking until they find an ideal partnership. Your décor should convey something about your company’s style and these don’t have to be extensive endeavors. A television and some nice furniture in a waiting area, for example, can be an effective way of putting people at ease and making a solid connection with them.

Beyond Simple Functionality

An office has to serve as more than just a functional space for your business. On some level it has to be a persuading factor in convincing clients or other businesses that you’re the one who can meet their demands, and the decisions you make on your office’s physical surroundings should lead to a good first impression.