Losing weight can be extremely difficult especially if you don’t follow the guidelines for a proper diet. There are a number of factors that contribute towards unhealthy weight gain like not eating proper food and avoiding exercising. On top of that with fast foods being ready available around every corner, it’s very common for people to put on weight. However there are a few common traits or habits found in all obese people, some of which are mentioned below. If you find yourself falling in the overweight category and wish to get rid of this excess fat, start with avoiding these habits.

Not Drinking Enough Water:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

Drinking the right amount of water every day can keep your skin and body healthy. In fact hydration helps you lose weight as well. According to research people who always drink water before their meals lose more weight than people who don’t. The right amount of water that you need to intake every day is 64 oz. By increasing your daily water intake you can speed up the weight loss process.

Not Getting Enough Protein:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

People who take a lot of carbohydrates and fat in their food tend to get overweight. According to doctors, the body uses up twice as much energy to digest proteins than it uses to digest carbs. So if you want to lose weight or avoid getting fat, include a protein source in every meal.

Not Getting Enough Sleep:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

Though hard to believe, lack of sleep can make you fat. Not providing your body with the rest it requires disrupts the working of your body by changing the hormonal levels. Moreover food is digested while you are asleep and if you are not sleeping properly you are bound to disturb your digestive system and get fat.

Unnecessary Snacks:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

Eating even when you are not hungry is the reason why most people gain weight in the first place. It’s common for youngsters to thrive on junk food and eat heavy greasy foods just for the sake of eating. Stress eating or the habit of eating when you are bored also count in this. This results in weight gain which is very difficult to reverse.

Spending too Much Time Watching TV:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

If you watch too much TV sitting on your couch, you are wasting time that could be better spent socializing or getting some healthy exercise. The lack of physical activity can not only increase the risk of weight gain but also the development of type 2 diabetes. People also tend to eat more while they watch TV, which can ultimately result in you gaining extra pounds.

Taking too Much Stress:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

An unhappy lifestyle is also one of the most common reasons why people gain weight. If you are taking too much stress or are angry all the time, this can have an adverse effect on both your mental and physical health. Therefore to stay healthy avoid fretting too much or taking stress.

Skipping Breakfast:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

It is very common among youngsters or people who work early hours, to miss their first meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can affect your energy levels and keep you lazy for the rest of the day. It also affects your metabolism which is why people who skip breakfast tend to overeat at lunch which can lead to weight gain.

Taking in too Many Liquid Calories:

10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

 Drinking milk shakes, juices and alcoholic beverages means you are consuming calories. Since these liquid calories don’t sate your hunger, you want to eat a proper meal after a while. Taking them occasionally doesn’t cause any harm. But if you are drinking your calories every day, you are on your way to gaining a lot of extra weight.


10 Most Common Bad Habits That Make You Over Weight

Smoking cigarettes has many disadvantages, one of them being weight gain. Apart from increasing the chances of heart stoke, lung cancer, breathing problems and high blood pressure, smoking also disturbs the internal working of your body. According to a research people who smoke are more liable to gain weight than others.

Lack of Exercising:

No matter what your age or gender is everyone needs to work out regularly. People think that exercising is only for sportsperson, overweight people or those obsessed with having fit bodies. The lack of physical exercise is the most common reason why people gain weight and also develop other problems. If you wish to stay healthy then start exercising today.

If you have developed any of these bad habits lately, you need to avoid them in order to stay healthy but in case you are already overweight, you need to be even more careful.

Author bio: Peter Woodard owns a private fitness centre where he helps people lose weight and develop fit, healthy bodies. Here he explains how you can avoid some common habits and lose weight instead of having to order Phentramin-d or other similar weight loss medications.