Christmas caroling is a tradition that has been around since a time when the poor used it as a means to get donations of food. Although few of us need to sing for our meals these days, it is still a beautiful way to get you in the holiday spirit while spreading joy to others. The numbers of places where you can go caroling are as numerous as the reasons for singing, but the following are the top five spots where you can get your Christmas caroling on.

Singing Door to Door

Christmas caroling doesn’t get any more traditional than going door to door. Not only is it a great way to say Merry Christmas to your neighbors, the musical sound of voices singing will quickly bring the joy of the season to your community. You just might get a few more to join the group along the way.

Visit Local Retirement and Nursing Facilities

So many of our elderly citizens need their spirits lifted at this time of year. By caroling at the local senior community you can help brighten the day for these people. Call ahead to make the proper arrangements, and don’t forget to bring cookies and treats to share.

The Top 5 Best Places To Get Your Caroling On This Christmas

Caroling in the Local Mall

Christmas caroling at the shopping mall is an excellent way to spread good cheer to tired shoppers. While so many are wearing themselves out looking for the perfect gifts, they can really use a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.

Take Advantage of Street Corners

The street corners are ideal if you are using caroling to raise money for your favorite charity. Here you’ll find the most foot traffic, especially in the bigger cities and towns. In addition, you will be adding a warm and holiday feeling to the down town atmosphere.

Go to the Local Festivals and Events

Most organizers for Christmas festivals love to get people willing to Christmas carol at their special events. Having holiday songs in the background can get visitors in a cheerful spirit quicker than anything else. Dress up in colonial costumes to add to the fun.

Whether you are caroling to help raise money for your favorite charity or simply to spread good cheer, you’ll find these locations are perfect for singing your favorite Christmas songs. Gather a group of friends together today, and get out there and spread the Christmas spirit.