There is a very pivotal position in companies and a lot of managers and executives would not have performed better without secretaries. The role of the secretary has evolved; gone are the days that the secretary is limited to standard secretarial services such as taking down notes from boss’ dictations, organizing files, and scheduling meetings. At present, the secretary is a multi task position that most companies would require a college degree in order to become one. Even though it is a critical position in offices, companies nowadays are outsourcing secretarial services for several reasons.

Not Needed Very Often

There are certain businesses that do not need secretaries such as home based businesses, satellite offices, small or new businesses. It will be more cost effective if companies only hire a secretary on a need basis. Newly formed small businesses only have a few office activities and initially it can be done by the business owners themselves. When time comes that they need an office companion to facilitate things in the office, one can hire a virtual secretary which is akin to a call centre type operator or a contractual one who is paid hourly or on a daily basis.

Top Reasons Why Companies Outsource Secretarial Services and Others Won’t

Not Yet Reasonable To Maintain One

As business grows and develops, naturally, office activities also increase. However, when you observe that there is a cyclical pattern when it comes to operational activity, the need to maintain a regular secretary is not guaranteed. It is more acceptable to employ a contractual secretary during boom situations and end the contract once the boom cycle ceases. There are lots of serviced offices or secretarial firms which you can request for the same secretary should you desire this strategy.

Why Other Companies Won’t Outsource

The prime reason of course depends on the nature of business. For example, in a selling company, sales activities are numerous and it needs somebody who is very familiar with all the operations involved from day one until the company ceases to operate. Another example is about companies whose operations are subject to strict confidentiality. Outsourcing might be disastrous as there is a tendency to divulge information to competitors or other interested parties. Some companies prefer to deal with one of their own, therefore, secretaries could be a family member, a relative, or even a close friend.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether secretarial services are outsourced or not, one must give importance on the skills and competence of a secretary. As business becomes more competitive, you need people who are up to the challenge. Secretaries are very important in an organization, hiring them could help make business work flow a lot easier. Having additional help that can answer calls, take down messages and organise the office space will help you to just focus on urgent matters relating to just your business and clients. You can save a lot of time as way money since the package offered will have everything you would need to get a business up and running.