Making a house look great is typically a standard way of living for most folks, but doing a few extra updates before putting your house on the market is crucial. Take a look at six handy ideas for making your house look fabulous for an inviting sale.

Curb Appeal

Enhance home curb appeal by keeping it simple. Create clean lines around sidewalks and driveways. Plants and shrubs should be neatly trimmed, and beds free from debris and over-growth. Remove any cob webs and insect nests. Freshly cut flowers by the front door or entry way is always a welcoming message for potential buyers.


A fresh coat of paint on exterior wood trim and painted brick is like a mini-face lift for the outside of your home. Keep colors neutral, cheery and within the same color palette surrounding homes maintain. Consider repainting all interior surfaces such as walls, trims and ceilings for a cleaner look. If repainting inside is not necessary, consider touching up on places that have holes or look dirtier.

Selling Your Home? 6 Things You Should Do To Make Your House Look Great


Great first impressions are critical when selling a home. Nobody likes to walk into an unkempt house. A big plus to making your home look great is to declutter everything. This is where storage units come in handy. Clean out all closets, toys, personal items such as pictures or personal works of art and store them. If your closets are half-empty, it will give the appearance that you have a lot of storage. Cramming everything into your closets will only send the message that you don’t have enough room for your stuff, Remember, you want your house to feel like your new buyer’s home-sweet-home right away. Storage solutions like these storage unit facilities in Fayetteville, NC is an excellent place to hide items you don’t want in the home. You can even store your car if it makes your house look better!

Make Room

A new buyer always wants to perceive a potential new home as having lots of space. Remove larger furniture items or decor pieces which are not necessary for daily use and store them. An airy room will make all the difference for a potential buyer.

Personal Touches

Quaint, personal touches like freshly cut flowers on the kitchen table, lovely candles and personal hand towels give the look of sophistication and warmth. Details matter. Baking cookies or other treats is a great way for others to feel at home. When they are comfortable, they are much more likely to buy.

Aromatic Appeal

Bring in the fresh! Aromas are distinctly noticeable to potential buyers. The lighter and cleaner the aroma the better your house actually appears. Make sure all stale smells have been removed. Take out the trash and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Bake fresh cookies or diffuse essential oils to give the home an inviting smell.

Good pieces of furniture give a completely new look to your home. From classic Italian styled lighting to simple mattresses, a range of items are required for home décor. However, to do shopping within budget, shopaholics can use furniture coupons and save up on money that can be used for more shopping.

Making a house look great is easier than you think. Have fun with it and watch the offers come rolling in.