Photographs are found in virtually every home and help to give it a personal edge. But pictures don’t have to be just memories – they can also be turned into fantastic, decorative artwork. Displaying family photographs, artwork and pictures really does help to make your home uniquely yours. However, to find the best frame for your home, you need to take into account your decor. For example, is it modern or is it vintage? This will guide you on the type of frame that would be perfect for your living environment and whatever your color scheme, there will be a photo frame to suit.

Marvelously Modern

If you favour simple, geometric home decor then modern designs are for you. Pick an angular frame with sharp looking edges to create a bold look. Frames are manufactured in just about every color you can think of. Black is a timeless classic that will frame your most treasured moments while creating a fabulous contrast with a cream or plainly decorated room.

Vintage Chic

There is nothing more stylish than vintage – these old-time inspired designs are continuously on trend to add a certain sense of sophistication and femininity to your home. Frames with carved wooden designs look perfect in a room with a Victorian-inspired theme whilst also adding a splash of class. White is the best colour for exploring this theme and will add to your bygone days atmosphere. It’s surprising just how much difference a well-chosen frame can make.

Distressed features on wooden photo frames are brilliant for a creative vintage theme. They are great for adding character and work extremely well with older photographs in particular. Create your own museum of family memories with this style of frame. Wood is a good material for softening decor and evoking a charming ambience.

Pretty Patterns

For striking and colorful decor, choose frames with avant-garde patterns – some of which are artworks in their own right and will work well. Remember, however, that some colorful frames can distract from the picture itself. Polka dot or striped frames are great to use in children’s or teen bedrooms to add color and a splash of energy.

Choose your pictures carefully – they should reflect beautiful memories or special people in your life. A well placed picture will prove a real talking point with visitors and you don’t have to settle for a traditional snap. It’s possible to get sepia, collage or oil painting effects. The choice really is up to you. A photograph can fit in any room in the house – whether you prefer it to be a selection of silly snaps or a professional portrait. After all, your living environment should reflect you – and it really is the little details that make a house a home.

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