During the winter the hardest working appliance in your home is probably its heating system. Like all mechanical systems, it may start to show signs that it needs professional attention. Between the stresses it’s subject to and its moving parts, having it tuned up annually keeps it in top running condition and operating at its most efficient.

The Cold Getting You Down? 4 Signs You Need an HVAC Tune-up

Poor Heat Distribution

If one particular room or area doesn’t get warm enough, you may have a broken or leaking duct. Another sign of leaking ducts are excessive dust deposits on or near the register covers. Problems with ducts can occur at any time. Besides the high energy bills and discomfort they cause, they also contribute to bad indoor quality.

When ductwork leaks, it can backdraft carbon monoxide into the home’s air and presents a danger in homes where there are ducted gas appliances like clothes dryers, water heaters, or combustion heating systems. Leaking ducts also pull dust and debris into the ducts and distribute them throughout your home.

System Runs Erratically

Furnaces have a number of safety switches that shut the system down when it overheats or doesn’t get hot enough. Sometimes the thermostat is the culprit. Their batteries weaken or the components inside get dirty. A dirty air filter may shut the furnace down abruptly if there isn’t enough air flowing through the air handler. The ignition system may need cleaning.

Furnace Making Strange Noises

Don’t mistake the steady hum coming from the air handler for noises that could spell trouble. If you hear bangs, pops, screeching or grinding noises, it’s time to call a professional like those from Advanced Heating & Cooling. None of these noises are signs of a healthy system.

It may be something as simple as a worn belt or as serious as an overly dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger. The blower motor may need lubrication, without which it will fail. A broken belt will disable the fan, without which, the furnace won’t run.

Energy Bills Rising for No Reason

As systems get dirty or age, they tend to lose their energy efficiency, which drives up heating costs. If you notice your heating bills rising for no other apparent reason, it’s time to call in an expert to tune up your equipment. The cleaning and adjustments they make pay for themselves in lower operating costs and longer system life.

Bottom Line

All mechanical systems, including your HVAC system, need periodic attention. Professional service helps them run as smoothly, dependably and efficiently as the manufacturer intended.