Technology has always had a place in the human life. In the modern era, though, that place is rapidly changing. Technology no longer exists in the background; it is now in the forefront, changing the way lives are lived. Below are just three ways that technology is changing the way that we think.

3 Ways Modern Technology Is Changing The Way We Think

We Memorize Less

Generally speaking, memorization is on its way out. When was the last time you had to remember someone’s phone number off the top of your head? When was the last time you had to go back to a website without saving it to your bookmarks bar? It has come to the point where most people even rely on technology like the GPS in order to get from one place to another – even if they have made that trip dozens of time. People are offloading a great deal of the work that used to be done by the memory onto mobile devices.

We’ve Lost Track of Time

We don’t pay attention to time in the same way, either. On one hand, we’ve become very good at losing track of time. Look at the ability to binge watch television shows or be sucked into a video game. In fact, you can even get lost while browsing on social media. On the other hand, we’ve become incredibly aware of smaller chunks of time. Most website visitors won’t stay on a page if it takes more than a fraction of a second to load, for example. While we might not be good at keeping track of long periods of time, we have become fantastic at understanding how long it takes to get something done.

We Look at Tech as a Livelihood

Finally, we now look at technology as something more than assistance. Look at the abundance of information technology programs offered by colleges – tech is a career path and a way of life. Even those who don’t study technology to pursue a profession can still immerse themselves deeply in a world that simply didn’t exist a few decades ago. You can even use technology to learn about it by getting something like an online mba in information technology. Technology is now a world unto itself and it is one that can give people a chance to live entirely new lives.

Technology has taken the place of memorization, changed the way people perceive time, and has become a world of its own. Technology is neither good nor bad – it’s the way that people use it that matters. Mastering technology’s place in your life is one of the most important parts of becoming a well-rounded modern person.