For minor repairs and small projects around the house, a few strategic tools can go a long way. Maybe you don’t need a table saw in your inventory, but having the basics can help keep you from having to call in back up. It’s easy to learn how to do minor home repair online so it is a good idea to check Google and YouTube to find guidance on new projects.

Home Handyman: What Every Man Needs In His Toolbox

Quality over Quantity

Avoid those cheap purchases that ended up costing more in the long run. Besides, if you want to take on your home improvement project and if you want to have a better chance of doing it right the first time, you want to make sure you have good quality tools handy. Many of the items listed here can be purchased at a local hardware store such as Koontz Hardware.

Hand Tools

Claw hammer because one of the most common tasks in many homes is hanging something like a picture or piece of art. Level to make sure that picture or shelf you’re hanging is level. Tape measures come in handy even if you just want to rearrange some furniture and you aren’t sure if that table will fit there.

Vice grip pliers will work for most basic jobs around the house that include loosening some kind of nut or bolt. These work for a variety different sizes. An adjustable crescent wrench is like having several wrenches in one. A good multi tool will not take up much space in your toolbox, and they usually include a variety of useful tools. Screw drivers because so many things use screw.

Power Tools

There aren’t many power tools that you absolutely need for minor projects, but there a are a few worth buying. A decent electric drill is relatively cheap and worth having around. A circular saw is another handy tool that won’t break the bank and can be used for countless jobs.


Duct tape will usually hold just about anything together in a pinch. Electrical tape is good for wire splicing and other minor electrical repairs. Plumbing tape is good on plumbing repairs like when you want to install a new shower head or hose on your washing machine.

This setup will get you through many smaller projects. Don’t be afraid to to describe your project and ask for help at your favorite hardware store. You can build your tool inventory and skills from there.