You know the projects – “THOSE projects – the ones you promise you really will do, soon, very soon!  But month after month, the bigger-than-honey-do-list jobs remain untouched.  It’s time to call in the house cleaning services Vancouver specialists.

THOSE Projects

“Those projects” are the ones that take extra time.  Each of them may require hours of extra time from your already busy schedule.  Vancouver cleaning services can take on the onerous tasks you are reluctant, or unable, to do on your own.  Consider the possibilities:

  • Cupboards and closets: When did you last empty out, clean and organise your cupboards and closets? A team of house cleaning services Vancouver workers could do this quickly and efficiently for you.
  • Garage and basement: If you have gazed in dismay at the pile up of things in your basement or garage that need to be sorted, donated or thrown away, stop staring and call in a cleaning service to help you.
  • Moving in or out:  having your house or apartment thoroughly cleaned before you move in can be a lovely gift to yourself.  Arranging for a Vancouver cleaning services team to clean the home you just vacated is a lovely gift to the new occupant and to yourself – a way of gently releasing your final ties to your former home.

Cleaning – Beyond The Honey Do List

  • Hoarding:  the excessive collection of belongings creates safety and health hazards for the occupants and other persons who may need to enter the residence.  A tactful and skilled Vancouver cleaning services team can help reduce the clutter and restore healthy energy flow.
  • Coils, filters:  Major appliances like the refrigerator, washer, and dryer all have coils that need to be periodically cleaned to remove the build-up of lint.  A house cleaner or two can quickly complete the task, ensuring that your appliances continue to operate efficiently and safely.
  • Behind/underneath furniture: Dust builds up under and behind furniture over time.  This build-up reduces the overall air quality of a home.  A team of house cleaning services Vancouver can do the moving and cleaning to refresh your home, from the floor up.
  • Trauma/crime scene clean-up:  No one likes to think of needing cleaning services if their home has been the scene of a trauma or crime.  But such things do happen and some companies offer specialized cleaning services for just those purposes.

Unburden Yourself of Guilt

THOSE tasks don’t have to remain a mental and physical burden to you (and they don’t have to be accomplished in one cleaning).  Be brave and schedule Vancouver cleaning services to periodically help you with the chores you don’t want to undertake on your own.  Release the guilt and the burden – you’ll be glad you did!