Coffee is considered an unofficial food group for many people around the world. Without a cup of coffee, there will be no productive day in your future. Coffee in the modern day is vastly different than the coffee of your grandparents’ time, however. Below, you will find four creations that have revolutionized your cup of hot bean water in recent years.

Themed Coffee Shops

Coffee companies that boast large chains of cafés around the world have failed to capitalize on the notion of themed coffee shops. These are a growing trend in every country for those who find a regular café boring. These avid coffee drinkers want to have all of their senses engaged while in the coffee shop, whether it be a cat-themed coffee shop, a robot-themed coffee shop, or a laundry-themed coffee shop.

Single-Serve Coffee Makers

There’s nothing more important than your morning cup of coffee before you head to work. Unfortunately, all automatic coffee pots can only make a minimum of two cups of coffee. Some companies, like 11th Street Coffee, know that that means you’ll leave an entire cup of coffee in the coffee pot at home to go flat while you’re gone. Brewing your morning cup of coffee no longer has to be wasteful when you buy and use a single-serve automatic coffee maker. These revolutionary coffee makers use single-serve plastic cups of coffee grounds, like Starbucks K-cup pods, to brew a single cup of flavorful gourmet coffee every time.

Cold Brew Tumblers

Insulated tumblers are currently the most popular way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee for an extended period of time. Until recently, there hasn’t been a similar container for cold blended coffee drinks. Now, the cold brew tumbler is becoming a coveted item for fans of frappuccinos and iced coffees around the world. Not only do they keep your cold coffee cold, but they’re also washable and reusable.

Flavored Creamers

Your hot bean water doesn’t have to taste like water with a splash of milk anymore. If you take a trip to your local grocery store, you’ll find an impressive line of luxury coffee creamers with decadent flavors. Many companies will even capitalize on flavors of the current season with peppermint, pumpkin, and candy cane creamers.

While you’re enjoying your revolutionary cup of coffee, don’t forget to use a flavored spoon or stirrer. These cute little additions will melt their delectable flavors into your coffee while you stir it for maximum consistency.