Hair Extension today has become a style icon for the modern generation people whether they are male or female. This is the latest style statement and is well-liked by the people throughout the world. Most of the people today are very much conscious about their hair and its style, some want short hair and many of them want long hair as it is in demand. Hair Extension is basically adding hair to your own hair either naturally or artificially. This trend has become more prominent among the females who want long hairs in certain specific occasions such as wedding ceremonies, proms, functions, etc. The artificial hairs used for extension are generally made from hair of humans, synthetic hair, intermingling two or more hair in order to give the desired stylish look.

Types of Hair Extension Method


There are three or more techniques one can use for hair extension such as:

  1. Micro linking technique: This method is used for permanent hair extension as micro ring bead is used in each hair strand. This method can take from 5 to 6 months depending on the hair growth pattern. Another benefit of using this method is that hair can be used again and again when this method has to be applied. This method is also known as I-tip extension method.

  2. U- Tip method: This method is also used for permanent hair extension and is applied as strand by strand. In this method Keratin glue is used for affixing the hair and later taken of using removers. This method also takes from 5 to 6 months depending on the type of hair growth.

  3. Human Hair weave technique: This method is very speedy and swift as it is very easy to apply. In this method hair which is tapped is popped in either side of hair thus extending the natural hairs. This method is free from gels and chemicals and is the most popular method today.

Research Before Hair Extension Therapy

After having your hair extended you can have your hair coloured and styled as you want. Actually these are very exciting way to add length, volume, colour and highlights to your hair. Now the point is that which method you should chose and from where to get it done. This is the most important part as sometimes unqualified and untrained stylist can make your hair look worst thus there is wastage of money and time. One should always do research before getting their hair extension such as which design may suit them, which method to use and from where to get it done. These are the few questions one should always look before getting hair extensions.

A good weigh for hair extensions can be from 120g to 160g depending on the type of extension they want. In this hair extension therapy clip in hair extensions method is very economical. The best part of hair extension therapy is that you can anytime change your style statement. The best part of hair extension is that you should have quality of hair, as many of the stylist claims that they offer the best hair extension method but generally they don’t. It can cost from 80$ to 90$ depending on the life of hair extension on a good hair extension therapy. Generally one time hair extensions last from 11 to 12 months.