How to fight patriarchy (and have fun doing it!)

The man got you down? Just having a bad day and need to take it out on someone? Well let me help you put your frustration to good use. Let’s fight patriarchy and have fun doing it!

Go to subway or any local sandwich shop where they prepare your meal in front of you (this only works if one of the sandwich makers is a dude) and snap a pic of him making your sandwich. Now you have a cute pick to slap online that says something like: “Who’s making the sandwich now?” or #sandwichbitch. This will likely not only give you something to chuckle about, but also any woman who gets a gander at it. Actually anything a man does that puts him in a position of role reversal, snap that pic. That’ll be a good laugh for your friends.

Your man won’t put the seat down? Time to fix that. Go to your local hardware store and pick up a big ol’ thing of superglue. Have some fun gluing the toilet seat down so that Mr. Jerkoff doesn’t have the opportunity to be inconsiderate. Check. Another one down.

Your man wants you to do your “women’s work” but you don’t feel like it? Don’t! Or even better, only do chores for yourself. Laundry needs done? Purposefully ignore his. Hungry? Make YOU something to eat. He can get off his butt and make a sandwich. (And when he does snap a quick pic!) As for the other chores that can’t be done exclusively for your benefit, screw em! If he doesn’t like it he has legs and arms. He can get it done just as easily.

Got a hungry man at home who expects you to make something for him? Tell him you will and then conveniently “forget to.” He’ll probably blow up but why should he? He’s capable of making his own food. Or you could just make his least favorite meal. Oops!

Man always stealing the covers at night? Ditch them! Grab yourself a sleeping bag instead and snuggle up at night. Can’t share that, sorry.

Free the nipple!! Are you being forced to go to some stupid sporting event that you have no interest in? Well let’s make this a perfect opportunity to whip out some nipples! Make sure to have your middle finger ready for those assholes who want to objectify you. And probably some mace.

If you are out and about and find yourself on a subway and find some jerk manspreading, and you’re feeling bold, throw your legs over his. That’ll get his goat. Or if you’d prefer a slightly more subtle approach, try manspreading yourself. Spread as much as you can, even if it means taking up space. If he can do it, so can you.

That’s it for now folks, stay tuned for my next article about fun ways to get back at a cheating man. If you have any more fun tips for our readers feel free to share them with me, and if you have any good revenge stories lay those on me too.

Keep resisting, my friends!

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