How to combat thin and pretty privilege.

We all know that there are beauty standards for women. Women have to be thin and they have to be pretty. The ones who meet these standards enjoy privileges far beyond the “average” female. Do you need to check your thin or pretty privilege? Are you considered pretty, or thin? Then the answer is yes. Here is what you can do about it:

  • Cut your hair. Long luxurious hair is viewed as beautiful and if you have it you are experiencing a privilege that many women can’t attain naturally. If you want to shed your privilege then pull your scissors out and get to chopping. The shorter, the better. We aren’t talking about a cute pixie cut here, we are talking about boyish. This is not viewed as sexy or beautiful and it will help you be on a level playing field with your fellow women.

  • Put down the razor. We all know that shaving is just for “the man.” Men are offended by our natural bodies and want us to be smooth and flawless for them. This isn’t a new concept either, refusing to shave has been a staple of feminism for a very long time now. Shaving causes painful ingrown hairs and dries out your skin. So do yourself a favor and let your hair grow out.

  • Eat what you want. Eat more if you have to. Men don’t seem to think curvaceous women are beautiful but we know better. Love your rolls. Eat the donuts. Eat the pizza. Chug that beer. And keep doing it until your thin privilege fades away. Don’t let the man tell you what healthy looks like. Don’t let a man define when you are thin enough to be considered beautiful. Rock those big beautiful curves.

  • Dye your body hair. Another great trend that even famous celebrities have jumped on board with. Want lime green pit hair? Go for it! Show off your pit hair with pride! Men wear pit hair everyday and don’t give a damn. We should do the same.

These are just a few ways you can start to combat your pretty and thin privilege, and I’m sure you’ve heard of a few of these already. So what’s holding you back? Men? More than likely you have been conditioned to believe that you must be a “good little woman” and look pristine and shaven at all times. This isn’t true. It’s time for us to take a stand. Say screw you to beauty standards and cast aside your privilege at the same time.

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