With the growing popularity of having Victoria BC eyelash extensions and microblading procedures you might be wondering how to find the right one. I’ve done some research into studios that offer these services and some points to look for.


Research the studios in your area, their websites note any training or certifications they hold, after all this is your eyes and skin we’re placing in their hands. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, how long have they been in business, some operators will have additional certifications for example FDA approval of pigments used.

How To Choose An Eyelash Extensions Studio


It goes without saying that the sanitary condition of the premises is especially important when undergoing these procedures. Take note of any business that holds a Health Canada Certification as proof  that they undergo regular inspections of their premises.


Lots of positive reviews from clients is a good indication that you can expect good results after your procedure. Take the time to read through any google reviews posted on their website, or ask your circle of friends and family who they would recommend.


I recently underwent a Microblading procedure after conducting some research, even then I felt a little nervous not knowing the outcome. The major portion of time is spent designing eyebrow shapes that suit your bone structure and you are consulted throughout the process so you are happy with the shape. This part can leave you wondering if it was a good idea, brows will appear fuller and darker in color than you expect. Throughout the procedure your will be reassured that this is only markings for the purpose of the microblading and not the final result. As for the pain level involved, a topical anesthetic used and any pain is quite minor and will vary from one person to the next. As someone who has had very sparse eyebrows and light in color my entire life I’m looking forward to waking up ready to go without needing to pencil them in every day.

I’m writing this the day after my procedure and have experienced no discomfort or itching, swelling or redness at all. It’s very important to follow the aftercare instructions they send you home. Will be patient about the final results once healing is complete it will take this time to see the final result of color and shape. Follow up sessions are needed for touch ups within 4 to 6 weeks. So far I’m very impressed with how microblading resembles actual hairs in your eyebrows, very natural looking! Next up eyelash extensions.