The spinal cord consists of the bones, nerves and the ligaments that not only is responsible for providing a posture to the body, but also is responsible in sending and receiving messages to and from the brain to different parts of the body. When damage occurs to the spinal cord or a part of the spine, then it can have a long lasting effect.

Sometimes people confuse spinal cord damage to normal back pain and this can lead to further complications. So, it is always advised to check with the best doctor for spine surgery in India, to know where there is a need for any surgery or it can get treated with any other ways.

Causes Of Spinal Cord Injury

Often, spinal cord injury can happen due to an accident or a sudden event of shock. Some of the incidents that can cause such an injury are:

  • A sudden attach such as gunshot or stabbing,
  • Trauma due to some kind of accident, such as on road or others,
  • Accidents during some kind of sports,
  • Extensive workout that may consists of twisting of the torso,
  • Hitting the bottom of a pool while diving into the water,
  • Accidents that may have electrical elements.

Symptoms Of A Spinal Cord Injury

Now it is not necessary that in an accident or due to heavy workout, you may always get a spinal cord injury. There can be some other problems also that may cause back pain such as a tear in the ligament or a strain in the nerve and others. But then how can you know that it is a spinal cord injury or not? Here are some of the common symptoms that can help you in knowing it.

  • Loss of control of the bowels,
  • Walking problems,
  • Tingling effect or numbness in the extreme ends,
  • Difficulty in movement of the limbs,
  • Headache that may lead to unconsciousness,
  • Pain and pressure may lead to kind of shock,
  • The positioning of the head may change unnaturally.

Prevention Of Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries normally take place due to accidents or also due to incorrect postures and wrong habits. Some of the important prevention tips that can be followed are:

  • Wearing the proper gear for protection during any kind of sports,
  • Analyzing the height and the surface of the bottom before diving into the water,
  • Always making sure to wear seat belts,
  • Always doing workouts on the suggestion of an expert.

These are only a few of the basic tips. But the main thing is that a person should be careful all the times.

Treating Spinal Cord Injury

Whenever there is a problem in movement or pain, always the experts should be consulted. It is not necessary that the cord is injured, but in many cases it can be. The experts will diagnose you with the neurological system and then will come up with the exact problem. There are some issues that can get resolved with exercises and medicines, while there are some others for which you need to contact the best spine surgeon in India.

Spinal problems can cause trouble if they are not treated on time. Consulting the best doctors can help you get rid of the problem at the initial stage itself.