Few things in the world can be more terrifying than an irate customer, particularly if they arrive at a spa expecting a day of relaxation only to discover their appointment is not on record. If you’ve experienced this, then you know the value of reliable appointment management software. This software makes it easy to book appointments, and more importantly, to make sure they aren’t cancelled or overbooked. The spa appointment management software offers several benefits that can help to grow your business.

Save Time

The old methods of keeping appointments are usually through a spiral notebook and a pen. In the event a customer calls to make an appointment, not only do you have to look for the pen, the notebook, and take down their information by hand, but the process takes longer. The spa appointment management software streamlines this process by allowing you to enter the information directly into the computer, where it will then automatically book the appointment and place it in the proper place in the calendar. In addition, the software provides reminders when the appointment is approaching; it can be programmed to automatically call the client and remind them.

How Spa Software Can Benefit You

Customer Service

Customers will appreciate the fact that you always remember their spa appointments, and will likely make it a point to let their friends and family know about the service they receive. This can help to bring in new clientele that might otherwise never have visited. Clients will appreciate the reminder calls. Making a client feel like they belong can a better investment than even the best masseuse in the world; appealing to the emotional side of customers is better than appealing to their wallet.

Customers can opt in for text notifications of special offers, as well as text reminders of upcoming appointments if they want to, making the resource even more useful for them.


Many forms of spa appointment software are designed to work on modern, touch screen systems, as well as to automatically uplink with your calendar system. You can export the information to your phone; in the event that a customer requires special consideration, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for their arrival to ensure they receive the best service they’ve ever had.


Some versions of spa software even include marketing features to help spa owners keep track of their various marketing endeavors, including billboards, online marketing, and SMS marketing. This feature keeps the organization required to a minimum.

No matter the reason a spa owner invests into spa appointment or management software, it can offer multiple benefits to owners that really make their lives easier in a big way.

John Smith is an author who writes about spa appointment software and spa management software, making the lives of spa owners everywhere much easier.