Meditation might be something you’ve heard about in passing, hearing others speak of it’s benefits may even have aroused your curiosity. The word meditate stems from the latin root meditatium meaning to ponder, give attention and mederi: to heal, become whole. Considered to be a way to connect with God, Spirit, Oneness although many who practice are not necessarily religious. Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

How To Meditate

Be Still

It seems an impossible to be still in a world that is increasingly busy, yet it can be done with a little practice. Silent meditation is by far the most common type of meditation, providing a person to go deeper within themselves. As you experience being still, observe all the objects arising in the awareness of all senses and just witness what’s showing up.

Breathe Mindfully

Sit straight without any strain, if for any any pain or discomfort is experienced during the session by all means change position but only when it is necessary. Begin by putting all the attention on the breathe as you become aware of each inhale and exhale. Breathe fully deep into your belly, let it rise and then fall as you exhale completely. Be mindful of how each breath feels as it passes through your nostrils, throat and into your belly. Initially it may be helpful to count each breath to increase your focus and slow the thinking mind.


Slowly expand your awareness, always mindful of your breath, experience all the sensations in the body, your emotions and thoughts. Be aware of the sounds, energy, people around you as your sense of space increases. With each thought and emotion that arises continue to witness without getting involved or identified, be fully present.


Surrender all effort and control as you embrace the opportunity to face and witness everything that has come up without trying to change anything. You may have fallen into the habit of distracting yourself, as you meditate just observe without doing anything. Anytime you feel yourself being caught up in the thinking process return to the breath awareness.

Silent meditation takes practice, to be still and rather than distracting ourselves to just  experience your thoughts and emotions. One thing is certain meditation, silent or otherwise is a practice to find some sense of inner peace for all of us.

You can also a visit a BC Retreat Centre for meditation and spiritual retreats. The Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada is one such retreat centre.