Want to train to become a makeup artist but not sure what to expect from this type of career? Many cosmetology experts have weighed in on everything from why students pursue cosmetology careers to what new makeup artists can expect from their careers. Here are some tips and tricks from the trade, including advice from makeup experts like Jill Glaser.

Pursue a Passion

According to an Expert Interview with Jill Glaser on Using your Beauty Skills in Film and Television, makeup artists often cite a passion for makeup as their reason for pursuing this type of career. However, that statement doesn’t hold true for all makeup artists. In fact, Makeup Expert Jill Glaser cited a feeling of being “home” as her reason for being a makeup artist. She says she could never pinpoint a reason for wanting to work as a makeup artist, just that it was a career she felt compelled to pursue.

The morale behind those stories is that you needn’t cite a particular reason for wanting to work as a makeup artist. Rather, if you feel it’s your calling, pursue it, stick with it and don’t let the questioning of others slow you down.

Help Clients

Most makeup artists cite being able to help their clients as one of the most rewarding aspects of working in this industry.Makeup Artist Napoleon Perdis says that education has and always will be the lifeblood of his brand for its ability to empower and inspire.

As a makeup artist, you’ll help clients make the most informed makeup choices each day. But you’ll also do so much more. One day, you may help a client become more confident by offering advice on how to conceal blemishes or skin discolorations. The next day, you could help a young client learn the basics of applying makeup. Each bit of advice you give to clients could be life changing for them.

Continue Learning

A regular piece of advice that comes from most top makeup artists is to commit to expanding your skills. You could spend a lifetime learning about makeup and still not know everything. Being committed to lifelong learning and developing your skills are two of the best ways to advance your career, says Makeup Artist Simone Ciafardini.

You must also devote yourself to your gifts as a makeup artist. New makeup artists can’t expect to find immediate success. You may need to work in a less than ideal setting for a while. Or perhaps you’ll have to spend a few years cultivating your skills before finding a job working in makeup for TV and film.

Every makeup artist enters the industry for particular reasons. Some are passionate about makeup, and others want to help clients look and feel their best. No matter your reasons for wishing to be a makeup artist, you can find more success in this industry by finding your niche, committing to lifelong learning and by being devoted to your craft.