Picture this. It’s a hot summer day, you’re lazing about the beach, and decide to go for a swim. Once you’re nice and refreshed, you retreat back to your beach towel to dry off… notice what happens to your hair once it’s dry? Your drab straight ‘do has turned into sexy, tousled beach hair.


Sea salt is the welcoming culprit that creates this lovable look. It has nourishing minerals which help to give you moisture and shine, however, too much can dry out your locks, which is never a good thing.


So what do you do if you’re a fan of this look, but don’t have a beach on hand? Never fear, there are multiple products and techniques that allow you to get this look at home, without the risk of drying out your hair due to hours in the ocean. Here are just a few examples –


Salt Spray:


If you can’t get to the beach, let the beach come to you! There are numerous salt sprays on the market to give you that beachy look without stepping foot on the sand. Simply spray onto damp hair, scrunch, and leave to dry. You could also use a diffuser, but try not to blow wave, as this may cause your waves to fall out.


If you can’t find or can’t afford a salt spray, you can easily make your own at home. All you need is a spray bottle, water, salt and a couple of drops of a moisturising conditioner or oil. The more salt you add, the more texturized your hair will be. When you’ve been at the beach your hair also feels so much thicker than usual, so it might be worthwhile combining salt spray with some off the shelf hair thickening products, instant volume and immediate satisfaction.


Don’t forget, too much salt will dry your hair out, so it is advised not to use these sprays on a daily basis, unless you’re teaming it with a moisturising conditioner and leave in-conditioner.


Hair Straightner:


This is actually my formula for bringing my straight, mediocre locks to life. You’ll need to do it in layers. Take the straightener to a piece of hair and twist and pull straight down, leave the next bit of hair untouched, then grab another piece and twist it the opposite direction to your first one. Continue layer by layer until finished. I deliberately leave some hair straight (not ‘straightened’, just natural) so it has a more natural look.


Once you’ve finished, flip your head upside down and give your hair a good shake. A touch of hairspray to give it some hold, and you’re done.


Of course, if you want a more dramatic, or ‘curly’ look, you can do your whole head of hair, and pay more attention to the curls as you go. Also, some hairspray on each layer will hold it in place for longer. This will give you more of a beachy look on the second day.




Part your damp hair down the centre all the way down to your neck. On each side, braid your hair and secure with a hair tie at the end. Wait until your hair is completely dry (try doing it just before you go to bed; by the time you wake up in the morning, it should be dry) then take out the braids and enjoy your beautiful beachy waves.


So there you have it. Whether you’re beachside or outback, this look is achievable wherever you are!

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Article by Danielle Henderson