Undoubtedly, the path to becoming a neurosurgeon is a long and complex venture. Indeed, it is essential to have the ability to gather, recollect and make use of scientific data, have deeper grasp of physiology, anatomy and other specific disciplines required. Since neurosurgeons need to operate in and around the human brain, blood vessels, nerves and spinal cord, it is crucial to possess the ability to examine, determine and understand the spatial linkages underlying all outstanding neurological procedures.


In the same way, a few mechanical abilities are also necessary to possess. Keep in mind that by definition, all operations call for some degree of manual dexterity which includes tying knots and even putting aneurysm clips. Additionally, an exceptional neurosurgeon should also integrate specific personal qualities comprising of understanding, dedication, empathy to patients and most importantly being professional in terms of working within a system or a group.

It is worth mentioning that there are considerable amount of information one needs to obtain if he or she prefers to explore more about neurosurgery fellowship. In like manner, applicants can maximize the possibility of matching at the said program of their preference through having exceptional medical school remarks, letters of recommendation, USMLE exam scores, participation as well as publication of research. Essentially, applicants might also consider completing some electives.

Should you decide to pursue this career, choosing the best school will absolutely give you an edge. It is important to take into consideration that the initial phase in the road to becoming a highly acclaimed neurosurgeon consists of completing a pre-medical undergraduate education. Note that this commonly comprises of a core curriculum. For more information, you can learn more about Canadian Neurosurgeon Fellowship and from there you can freely explore how you can get started in the process and begin a career in helping people cope with health issues related in this field.