Be it a romantic getaway, family fun trip, overnight outdoor affair or any other form of a long trip, you should be weary of the essentials to carry along, especially when it comes to make ups. Packing to travel can be very stressful. The situation worsens when you have to travel with super spillable substances, which are mainly the composition of makeups. These products can potentially destroy other items in your travel bag.

Having said this, take great caution when it comes to traveling with makeups. You should get equipped with knowledge on how to put on makeup. With these, you can make a good choice of suitable items to carry around. Use the guide below to aid you in managing this frustrating situation when traveling.

1.Get a good makeup bag

Nearly everything when traveling is reliant on the type of bag you choose to travel with. The type of bag depends hugely on its size, safety, and suitability. As indicated, makeup items are highly spillable. Therefore, ensure that you get a bag with several compartments. The compartments should be separated heavily enough in case spillage occurs in other sectors. Getting a good makeup bag results to efficient and stress-free packing, and overall traveling experience.

2.Prepare a list

Making a list before beginning the journey is of immense importance. Makeups are complementary. Therefore, forgetting one of the items can result to an incomplete setup. Most of the items you require during the trip compose the routine makeups you use. Therefore, you should go through your daily face wash, shower, hair products and other makeup routines to avoid forgetting any piece. Note down all items including brushes, pins, lotions and sprays.

3.Match with outfits

Makeup is duly complemented by an exquisite dressing. Considering the type of activities you are likely to engage in during your trip, make a suitable selection of your general dressing. Ensure that you consequently pick matching outfits. By doing this, you will minimize what you pack as you will take only the necessary and matching items.

4.Use multipurpose products

Having clusters of makeups may not be fascinating at all. It is prudent to use multipurpose items to streamline your requirements. This will reduce the number of items required for travel. For instance, packing a shimmery eye shadow can eliminate the need to include a skin highlighter, cream blush, lip color, eye color or lipstick.

5.Facial wipes over facial wash

Removing makeups is quite daunting after a casual long day. Among the commonly available products that aid in removing makeups are facial washes and facial wipes. The working ability of these two key makeup removers differ. Facial wipes are preferred over facial washes for traveling. This is due to their great and easy method that eliminates dirt and grime accumulated from the day. Additionally, the facial wash can be bulky to carry around.

6.Cushion your compacts

Aside from having a suitable traveling bag, it is important to cushion various compacts of the bag. You can use either cotton wools or application pad to separate the various compartments. Ideally, you will be creating a makeshift shock absorber that will prevent spillage.

7.Use reusable travel bottles

Make-ups can either be solid or liquids in the form of shampoos, conditioners or moisturizers. Note that most products do not come in suitable travel sized containers. Therefore, you can make appropriate travel bottles that can be recycled. Pour products from the various huge bottles to small clear personalized travel minis.

8.Clothes as extra padding

In a bid to reduce your luggage, you can devise your paddings. This involves the use of personal clothing. Just to mention, socks can be of great aid in wrapping perfume bottles. Optionally, you can pack them inside sneakers. Slipping makeups between properly packed clothes can also provide good paddings.

9.Use of Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags can be of great aid when it comes to traveling. With their small size, you can have separate Ziploc bags for face makeups, lips, eyes and others for brushes or other tools. With this, you can easily find various items with ease. Additionally, Ziploc bags are suitably made that they have makeshift cushions. Therefore, you will labor less looking for cushions for your bag.


Packing for traveling can be a great ordeal. However, you does not have to be. With the tips highlighted above, you will certainly have realistic traveling bag, stress-free planning, and most basic items to carry around. You will be bound to enjoy fewer stressors when planning for a trip regardless of the traveling period. With proper organization, you can manage to have many items, various makeups confined in a portable bag.