We experience gradual physical changes as we age and many of the symptoms will appear progressively. In fact, we start to experience physical changes moments after we born. It would be rather difficult to generalize emotional, psychosocial and physical changes that occur with aging process. People are unique and there are a number of factors that could affect the aging process, such as social-economic status, nutritional status, occupation, lifestyle, family history and others. Here are common diseases that can make us age faster:

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1. Cardiovascular diseases:

Our cardiac outputs decline as we age. The heart muscles works continuously and they will become less effective. Although the heart rate may be constant during rest, we may need more time to recover after a very stressful situation and physical exertion. Functions of the electrical conductive system could be less perfect and this could lead to cardiac arrhythmias.

2. Respiratory diseases:

With aging, respiratory changes will occur. Older people have less efficient respiratory system and the overall capacity could eventually diminish. Older people may also additional deficits due to prolonged exposure to polluted environment and smoking can also induce respiratory problems. Pulmonary fibrosis and COPD are common respiratory diseases. SD can be caused by hereditary factors, allergies and chronic respiratory infection.

3. Digestive System:

Among senior citizens, malnourishment can be a serious digestive problem. This happens because digestive system is no longer as efficient in absorbing nutrients. Poor nutrition can cause many effects on our musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular system. This can cause early symptoms like irritability, depression, listlessness and weaknesses. Like others, seniors also need to eat three nutritious meals each day.

4. Cancer:

Cancer is a common degenerative disease. It can happen on very young children, but more likely as we grow older. In some developed countries, cancer represents about 25 percent of death among senior citizens. It is important to for older people to perform regular checkups to detect cancer early. This will ensure better prognosis and more effective treatment. There are many causes of cancer.

5. Musculoskeletal Diseases:

Musculoskeletal diseases are common among older people. Our body is also a part mechanical system and prolonged uses of our musculoskeletal system can cause wear and fragility. People with osteoporosis have thinner, more fragile and weaker bone, due to the loss of density. This causes bones to break easily and heal longer. Osteoporosis could also cause nagging, constant pain on affected areas.

6. Endocrine Diseases:

Many older people are affected by diabetes mellitus and it is a very common endocrine disorder in any part of the world. This happens more likely on people above 40 years of old, especially if they are overweight, are physically inactive and have relatives who are affected by the disease. Diabetes could cause vascular degeneration, cardiovascular diseases, blindness and others.

7. Central Nervous System Issues:

Our brain could also get older and this will affect our memory. Older people can’t memorize new information as good as younger individuals. When it happens, older people have difficulty recalling someone’s name and remembering where they put the keys. Many older people have cognitive impairment problems. Alzheimer’s disease happens when tangles and plaques develop in brain tissue.

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