Not keep still while we all slept, but many have attitudes that may sound strange. Some people do not even realize what they are doing in their sleep due to sleep disorders, and wake up the next day as if nothing had happened. Let’s see some of these strange behaviors during sleep.

8. Texting

Technology has changed the lives of people in many ways, and cell innovated in several areas of our routine. But it has also caused some problems in the dream, as the condition in which some people send text messages while they sleep. It is very strange when you consider that some sleep disorders include sleep do so during the day we repeat many times. Anyway texts sent in those moments are never consistent.

Research in this field has not advanced much since it is difficult to replicate the problem in a clinic where the patient knows he is being watched. But expect to study brain function by studying the patient at home.

7. Eat

Many people wake up middle of the night to eat whatever they find in the house, and the next day having no memory. There are different degrees of severity depending on the case, some people eat little, but others may suffer from Syndrome Night Power. The problem is not just that they lose sleep at night, but they earn a lot of weight, which brings numerous health and psychological problems, and even some people drown in their sleep. Commonly due to parasomnia, a number of sleep disorders, and has to do with diets or little food ingested during the day, and the need to recover at night.

6. Behaviour Disorder in REM Sleep

During this stage of sleep, heart rate and breathing speed up, blood pressure increases and we cannot control our body temperature. It also increases brain activity more often than when we are awake. However, the rest of the body is paralyzed because the body does not release an amino acid called glycine. People with this problem in REM sleep is not paralyzed, leading them to act their dreams in real life while still asleep, for example, attacking someone close if they feel in danger. Many crimes have been committed in this way, and there are even cases where the person was acquitted when considering she was asleep. It can be caused by a tumour or a genetic abnormality.

5. Sex

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that is often accompanied by unconscious physical movements that can achieve different degrees of complexity. One of the most serious conditions due to the consequences that may result is known as sexsomnia, an unusual disease and a very low incidence in the world. The sexomnia is a current disorder, because at other times not reported. You can go from sex to strange behaviour, causing serious consequences such as rape. It happens when the person is in an advanced stage of sleep where your thinking is not alert, but sexual desire. There are people who have sex while sleeping in what is called sexomia . There is the case of a man in England who was acquitted of several counts of rape , arguing that acted asleep and suffering from sexomia . The sexomia is not exclusive to men. An Australian woman , married , left his home in the evening and kept sex with strangers , then return and have no recollection .

Strange Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

4. Stop Breathing

This disorder is not modern, but has increased since obesity became a problem. It is commonly called sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles collapse blocking the air inlets, and thus leaving breathing. People with this problem wake up numerous times at night, but then do not remember. This occurs because the body is not fully connected to the brain, so the person is awake without knowing it. The next morning they feel very tired, because they failed to establish a deep sleep.

3. Exploding Head Syndrome

The Exploding Head Syndrome occurs when a person is sleeping and suddenly felt an explosion in my head. Many of them think is happening out a bombing and scared. Do not be evil, and implies that our body was prepared for sleep. However, when the explosion generates nerves or stress on the person you supply drugs to calm her. It usually occurs in the first third of the night, and is a sensory problem. The person feels heard a noise that happens outside of his being, but after waking up he realizes that this happened in his head. Is not related to pain or physical condition with no known, nor can have medical consequences.

2. Sleep Paralysis

You were sleeping peacefully, but something wakes you up. And you realize you cannot move a muscle, you are short of breath and feel a presence in the room. This phenomenon is known as sleep paralysis, it’s pretty weird, but it is far from having a relationship with something paranormal.

During REM sleep the body is paralyzed to prevent us from doing the same thing we are dreaming. But 5% of the population is aware when entering or leaving the REM phase, which means you cannot move despite being awake. Sleep paralysis is quite disturbing because in many cases accompanied by hallucinations.

1. Hallucination

Hallucinations are perceptions of a nonexistent reality. When an individual is consciously perceiving hallucinate objects in the absence of external stimulation. The phenomenon is distinguished from sleep that does not involve waking, illusions they are distorted images of actual fact, and imagination that mimics realities voluntarily. Overall hallucinations are caused by neurological disorders, psychosis, by the use of narcotics and as a result of delirium tremens that produces alcohol addiction. A hallucination can be of any sensory nature: visual, auditory, tactile, taste and smell, which means it’s that part of the nervous system which reflects the unrealistic image. Sometimes there are very complex hallucinations involving multiple forms. They cover all kinds of dreams, from strange creatures, monsters or threats, and last seconds to several minutes. Commonly they are related to lack of sleep and were blamed for the abduction stories, monsters and ghosts.

It is possible that many of these sleep disorders give us afraid to go to sleep, but some of them are rare and are being studied by scientists to improve the quality of life of patients and sleep, much needed for our daily activities.

Strange Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

Want to know some Interesting Facts about Sleepwalking?

Facts about Sleepwalkers

When you go to sleep at night, most of us enjoy sleep, then wake up in bed in the morning, but some people are more restless nights, where they walk, eat and even leave home.

Sleepwalkers are more common than you think and some pretty impressive actions performed while asleep, then not remembering anything in the morning.

You cannot imagine how much they can do strange things sleepwalkers and today we will tell you that surely will surprise some.

What is Sleepwalking?

The first is to understand how this condition is treated. Sleepwalking is one of the most common sleep disorders in the group of parasomnias and affects approximately 15% of the population, although the vast majority experiencing very mild.

Those who suffer from sleepwalking, perform some motor function during the deepest stage of sleep , known as slow or NREM sleep. Is believed to be caused by an immature nervous system, especially in children , and in the case of adults may be due to the increased voltage delta waves in sleep.

Facts about Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking occurs in different forms, ranging far beyond sleepwalking. Some people have ended up in jail for things they do not remember, as performed unconsciously to be sleepwalking. We tell the craziest.

If you think a sleepy driver is dangerous, imagine one asleep. Some sleepwalkers out of their beds and instead of walking up to your car and go for a walk.

Have you dreamed you eat something delicious? Some sleepwalkers wake up at night and eat compulsively and not just candy or burger, but also strange things like nail varnish, paper or wood bite.

Strange Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

Fighting is not a good way to resolve conflicts, but there are sleepwalkers unconsciously become violent and fists to go with your partner, family and even strangers.

The cases we have them are extreme, but if you suffer from some type of parasomnia, you need to consult a doctor, not only to avoid crazy facts and even criminals, but to guarantee us a good rest.

REM Sleep

The stages of sleep are interesting, especially because many times we do not ask what happens in our bodies while we are asleep. The REM (Rapid Eye Movement in English) phase is the fifth stage of sleep, begins about 90 minutes after we fall asleep and is characterized by eye movement accelerated.

How Long can a Person be Without Sleep?

More than known how important sleep is to our health. It is a rest, a break that both the brain and the rest of our body calls us by simply being vital, necessary for the proper functioning of both. But all people sleep in different ways, some more than others, some even speak asleep and others have serious problems getting done properly.

The truth is that we spend a huge part of our lives sleeping and although some have tried to spend days and days without sleep, or sleeping as little as possible, and have suffered the consequences sooner or later, had to go to sleep. Ever wondered how long you can be a person without sleep? Not only because many have asked, but have also experienced this, let’s look at the issue and results.

Strange Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

Days and Days without Sleep, a Bad Idea

The question about how long you can stay awake a human being is not new and has long , ” wakes up” the curious, as well as tests to the dumbest . Various sources report different amounts in relation to the exact figure, however, all agree on the fact that those who have tried to be a long time without sleep have had to pay the consequences of not sleeping.

It has been noted that in many experiments and research on the vigil, participants have come to be between 8 and 10 days awake. While none of these have suffered serious medical , physiological, psychological or psychiatric problems , all had a progressive deficit of concentration , motivation and even the perception , among other difficulties in mental processes , while sleep deprivation increased. Note that in all these cases, after a couple of days and some nights of recovery sleep , is usually recovered.

There are also some stories about soldiers in war, especially during World War II , were kept awake between 4 and 5 days in the battlefield. Finally , there are those who point out that the record does not belong to Randy Gardner, but a man who kept 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes awake , almost about 19 days without sleep, although it is not a feasible proof of this made . It is said that this man enjoyed strong hallucinations, paranoia and constant attacks of all kinds of psychomotor problems .

The Limits of Wakefulness and Sleep in Humans

All organisms need sleep , is the moment in which the senses and motor functions are suspended , where a state of unconsciousness and hard muscles remain inactive and that time is needed. This temporary suspension of complex activities taking place within the body , give it the rest it prevents wear and malfunctions , thus, end sleepless body are overloaded , as it somehow .

Strange Things That Can Happen While You Sleep

Beyond that all appropriate inquiries and checks under laboratory conditions , these feats attacks suffered no more than momentary consequences , the damage is more than likely under other circumstances. In other living beings , such as laboratory rats , it was found that in the second week of wakefulness die . The sleep problems such as insomnia or insomnia lethal obviously should be treated because often the damage can be irreparable or even fatal.

Very interesting, do not you think ? Everyone at some point have tried to keep some others other sleepless hours but must return to clarify, is not at all recommended. Do you know any other figure on how long you can go without sleep? Have you ever had trouble sleeping ?