Roughly half of all the privately owned homes in the UK have a garage, though the role of the humble garage has changed over the years. These days, a garage is almost less likely to house a car than it is to be a storage space for tools, maybe games, perhaps even a chest freezer.

A Valued Asset

Still, a garage or parking remains at the top of the list of requests for people looking to buy a home, whatever they intend to use it for. It is definitely a selling point if you are putting your property on the market.

More and more people are looking to build their own home, too. The Home Builders Federation outlines how the rise in planning consents continues, up 29% on the same period last year. The majority of conventional new-builds will include a garage.

How Many Domestic Garages Still House Cars?

Adding a garage to your home can reportedly increase its value by between five and ten percent. If your home does not have one and space allows, a self-assembly option in either metal or wood could start from as little as £1,000 – instant pay-back if you consider it might add several thousand pounds to the value of the property.

There are a great many different styles on the market and even more doors (up and over, rollers, side-hinged, etc.) so there will be something to fit your style. Consider the age and style of your home when choosing a door for the garage. Check out the wide range of garage doors available at a site such as and see what trends garage doors in Harrogate are starting.

More Space To Live

On the other hand, converting your garage into additional living space might add even more onto the value of your home; perhaps a gym, a home office, or even another bedroom. Many annexes have started out as a double garage!

An additional bedroom is often the best way to add value to your home, and converting a garage is almost always more cost effective than starting an extension from scratch.

There will already be a foundation in place for the garage, and almost always electricity in place. Finishing the floors and walls is therefore not a tricky job, although you might be advised to get a professional to do the work, especially if you’re looking to add overall value to you property.

How Many Domestic Garages Still House Cars?

Don’t forget, there might be a reduction in your car insurance premium if you are able to park your car in a garage overnight. This will depend on various factors so check with your provider for accurate details.

It’s all about weighing up the pros and cons, depending on your area and the housing market there.

Even if there is no intention of ever parking a car in it, many house-buyers would not consider somewhere without a garage, irrespective of whether or not it adds financial value to the property – it’s almost sentimental value that it adds!