If you are looking to improve your grades or just perform better when translating the knowledge gained through the study, you can always appeal to some techniques and habits that can be deployed for this task and that will make studying easier and more effective .

Just as there are techniques to improve memory, it also straps give simple techniques to improve performance in the study, although it should be noted that, of course, some people find it easier to study certain topics and others will be more difficult or boring them. In this regard there is an elaborate theory of multiple intelligences.

Improve your Memory

The human brain is, without doubt , the most fascinating and amazing part of our body. In this nerve center , or is very complex in brain function that we call memory capacity if it is not only human , our species has developed an exemplary way , like no other has done is developed. This is probably the reason that today our species occupies such a place on the planet.

Our memory is very important in our lives, in the way in which our civilizations and how we develop knowledge work. Human memory works like a large library of unimaginable magnitude , requiring a kind of restorations , exercise , review of inventory and setups , to function in the best way .

There is a widespread tendency to identify the possession of knowledge and the ability to memorize situations someone with the level of intelligence. When we were young and in school faithfully recited a poem or were perfectly capable of repeating the content that the teacher taught us was described as students not only copies , but above all , most especially , smart . However, it is worth asking what is meant strictly for intelligence. Most dictionaries notes that this is the mental ability of individuals to understand the events around him. It is sometimes defined as the act of knowledge itself. But it is also accepted as a synonym for skill or ability in a specific subject or to interact in different environments.

How To Improve your Memory and Learn More In Less Time


The scientist defines intelligence as “the ability to solve problems or create products that are valued in one or more cultures.” ¬†Academic intelligence, or obtaining educational qualifications and merits, is not the only tool to define the intelligence of a person.

Different Types of Intelligences

8 types of different intelligences are defined.

Musical Intelligence

The notion of music is universal and is present in all cultures, this suggests that there is one universally present in all of us musical intelligence. Certain areas of our brain are closely related papers play with the interpretation and creation of music and like all other types of intelligences, the musical can be trained and improved.

Clearly those who master this type of intelligence can play variety of instruments as well as read and create music naturally.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence allows us to see beyond what you show people, allows us to read beyond what they say and understand hidden aims or targets within them, in some cases unknown to themselves. This type of intelligence is essential for those who need to work with groups of people. The ability to identify and understand the problems of others is made possible by this type of intelligence. Administrators, teachers, psychologists and therapists are the main representatives of this type of intelligence.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

The intrapersonal intelligence is that which allows us to control and understand the internal aspects of ourselves. People with this type of intelligence can access and discriminate their feelings. Besides this intelligence also helps when working with yourself and understands why you act. This type of intelligence is the innermost of all and needs to be helped by others to be studied and described.

Bodily Kinaesthetic Intelligence

The ability to solve problems using tools or knowing the types of force that must be made is considered bodily kinaesthetic intelligence, however turns out to be quite intuitive. But on the other hand the use of this intelligence to express emotions, or create and compete is another aspect that needs training. Here we can find dancers and actors to sculptors and surgeons since everyone must make rational use of their physical abilities.

How To Improve your Memory and Learn More In Less Time

Spatial Intelligence

The ability to solve problems or to see the world and objects from different viewpoints is associated with this type of intelligence, connected with chess players and those who work in the visual arts. People who have higher spatial intelligence are often better able to develop mental pictures, drawing and notice details among other things. Here we can find photographers, designers, marketers and architects.

Logical-mathematical Intelligence

The call logical-mathematical intelligence is one that is routinely considered as raw intelligence. This is what separates the smart people not smart under the current paradigm. As the name says this is associated with logical reasoning and mathematical problem solving. The rate for solving mathematical and logical puzzles determines this type of intelligence. Famous IQ tests are based on this type of intelligence and linguistic intelligence. Scientists, economists, engineers and other academics are those over this type of intelligence.

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability to communicate and master a language is universal and transcends cultural barriers. Children around the world learn to master one or other language for efficient communication. People who dominate most communication are those that have a higher linguistic intelligence. Here we find the leaders, warlords, politicians, writers, poets, etc. This type of intelligence is not only related to speaking skills but also with other forms of communication such as written, gestural and more.

Naturalist Intelligence

Naturalist intelligence is what helps us to separate, distinguish and classify aspects of nature as different animal and plant species, but also learn basics of weather and other natural phenomena.

Today, with this kind of community service that occurs every so often we publish , I invite you to learn how to improve memory with some simple and entertaining tips .

Food Care

Eating properly and drinking in moderation, are two simple and extremely healthy to improve your memory capabilities forms, practices. Foods with good amounts of fatty acids Omega-3 unsaturated fats and brightly colored vegetables and brightly colored fruits help to improve memory through nutrition. On the other hand, drinking alcohol in moderation can help keep track memory, particularly as the brain and memory function is closely related to the consumption of alcohol. The effects of alcoholism on brain cells are harmful, affecting their operations and capabilities in both the short and long term.

Controlling Mental Health

The mental health problems such as depression, excessive stress, anger issues and anxiety, slowly eating away at brain function, especially memory. These problems, particularly depression, cause a considerable increase in the levels of cortisol in the blood stream which, in turn, increases the amount of cortisol in the brain. Using brain imaging devices, doctors have been able to see how this increase in cortisol impairs brain regions, including the hippocampus (central compensation of short-term memory) is found, reaching to lose between 12 and 15 % of performance. Controlling mental health is another good way to cherish the memory.

How To Improve your Memory and Learn More In Less Time

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise not only keeps the body fit but something much better: your brain, where light is your memory. Brain health can be impaired by different aspects of the rest of the body, for example, obesity, one of the leading causes of stroke and Alzheimer’s. For the brain to function properly, the rest of the body also has to do it, he needs constant and adequate intake of oxygen and nutrients that reach up there through the blood, but there happened to be clean. So you know, exercise to keep healthy the rest of the body helps the brain to function well and thus the memory can be properly developed.

Make Mental Exercises

Mental exercises to improve memory as display and association, the method of loci, the name game or just exercise your ability to pay attention, provides all possible care and all you can concentrate on the simplest things and credible, will help you improve your memory. You can work out, for example, trying to remember the colors you saw today in your classroom or at work, wearing clothes that each of your colleagues, as well as watch TV or read a book.

Games to Enhance Memory and Concentration

Nothing like the games to improve memory and concentration games like chess, checkers, putting together a puzzle or games to memorize, the ones that have a range of colors, shapes or objects and then you have to remember the order in which they develop, are great to exercise and improve the performance of your memory while having fun. Moreover, all this kind of games are very, very easy to get.

Practice and Improve Memory

We all know that practice makes perfect, so they may seem harder tips to improve memory I shared with you today, remember to do it whenever you can, practice again and again until you notice the effects of form surprising. By practicing all these points you will improve your memory to the point that to perhaps remember every word of this post.

Well, these are some of the best things you can do to improve memory.

Then we will provide a list of tips and advice when it comes to studying, they have shown that many results to learn more and better in less time.

How To Improve your Memory and Learn More In Less Time

1. Defines a Space Comfortable and Conducive Study

The study space should be free of any type of distraction but not be very monotonous and boring. Ideally, a public but quiet, like a library or even an outdoor park. If it is in your home, you should avoid places where there are no distractions such as a telephone, television, or the presence of other people. A computer with Internet access is a double-edged sword: it can be a great source of distraction but you can also find interesting material, it should be used only for specific information.

2 . Clearly Define your Program of Study

First of all you must be focused on each of the things you study , therefore , is not recommended that you wandered through different topics or exercises , covering much of what you study, but unfocused concentration in any of them really . A well-defined and orderly program will help make clear where you should put your focus . Moreover, you can even arrange a schedule where you plan the day what you will study subjects, so you will ensure that the meeting schedule will come to cover the whole program for the day of your exam.

3. Try to Interpret what Teachers want

If you attend class regularly and pay attention, you’ll get a good idea about what would be the best way to meet the requirements imposed on a test as possible according to the expectations of the teacher. It is also important to impress upon teachers interests you are taking the class.

4. Learn to Separate the important from the Accessory

All books must confront when studying surely will be divided into chapters, titled and well defined and the first thing you remember are those titles, as will a comprehensive, orderly and split the main themes and concepts vision.

Similarly, many books included at the end of each chapter a section of questions that can say (or not) if you have understood the main concepts of each section. Paying attention to these tools easier and beneficial.

5. Defines an Orderly and Healthy Routine

Many times in the midst of a period of study is completed completely altering the usual routine, wasting time, eating, sleeping and studying at any time. It is advisable to have well defined schedules to be available for study, also define the goals you want to reach in each study interval, and then have a good rest and a healthy diet, to keep the energies conducive care and well placed in the study material.

Additionally, keep in mind that to retain and understand all materials necessary to read and review it several times (at least three), so that this part of your permanent memory.