It’s the place where we prepare, cook, and eat together. What are the most important elements to making a great kitchen? To answer this, let’s start by posing another question. Do you recall walking into someone else’s house for the first time and entering their kitchen area? You may have had multiple first impressions as to cleanliness, space, and smell. We’ll discuss some ways that folks at home can refine their eating spaces and turn them into great ones..

The first factor in making a great kitchen is solve the question of how to maximize fresh air and ventilation. Incorporating exhaust fans, vents, and preferably a canopy style exhaust hood for your stove or range size is highly recommended.

Make Your Kitchen Space Great Again

You might find certain types of windows to be more appropriate than others, such as those with rolling handles to easily slide out and retract the windows. This ease of convenience will make it easier to keep fresh air is flowing through the room.. Also note that these types of windows are a safer physical alternative since you’re not trying to lean over a counter and push or pull single windows up or down.

Consider the total square footage of your kitchen since many single exhaust configurations will not cut it for full ventilation. This setup can ultimately keep your kitchen cleaner in the long run because smoke and grease residue eventually builds up on ceilings and walls. Add a water-resistant ceiling fan into the equation since it’s easier to clean, and you’ll have plenty of extra circulation during cooking times.

Next, consider kitchen safety. Ergonomics play a big role, and as with other sections of the home if you have children running around, it’s best to use rounded corners where possible. That should include the kitchen furniture if possible, like using rounded tables and rounded countertop edges.

Practical, humidity-resistant materials should be considered like using melamine and laminate. If you can spring for granite, it certainly adds a charm. While laminate flooring might also be easy for spill cleanups, beware of slippery surfaces just the same. You can use perfectly placed throw rugs, rubber mats, or a combination of both as a secure and effective solution.

Lastly, take a look at the latest advances in kitchen technology and the Internet of Things, also referred to as ‘IoT’. With today’s smart appliances, there are an increasing number of ways to integrate automation into the kitchen experience. From kitchen devices that let you recharge your cell phone accessories to connecting your various computer electronics online, to the use of oven timers that you can set with your mobile phone. Yes, the future is here now.

So keeping the above elements in mind, you can make not only a first impression on others, but a new first impression on the entire family with some simple modifications. It’s time to make your kitchen space great again!