Tree removal kills trees. This is why an arborist uses tree removal as a last resort. A trained arborist also provides homeowners the added benefit of providing expert service. This is good for both homeowners and the economy. Though removing a tree is a last resort, an arborist recommends when a tree is dead or dying, some homeowners may question why it needs removal. This is important because it prevents a diseased tree from becoming a hazard or falling on nearby structures, such as a house or barn. It may also be removed simply because it is an eyesore for a homeowner and block’s a property owner’s view. An arborist may suggest removal of a tree when it is not possible to correct an obstruction by pruning or cutting.

Trees that are planted close together may also be a sign an arborist may need to mark a tree or several trees for removal. By correcting overcrowding, this can help hedge trees to have more room to grow and improve the overall health of all trees left standing. This way the remaining trees are not at risk to experience soil stress, nor are they more susceptible to diseases (which may spread quickly from tree to tree if trees are too close together).

Reasons Why Tree Removal Is Good

Preparing for New Additions and Arrivals

By removing a tree, it can allow space for new construction or a heartier type of tree to be planted. This is why it is important to allow other tree types or new construction to begin in the spot where a tree is removed. Both these actions will greatly increase the value of your property by having the tree and the tree stump removed.

Is the cost of the stump removal included in the pricing provided by an arborist who is removing your tree? This is equally important because tree stumps can encourage sucker growth to spurt from a new tree stump. This is why a homeowner needs an arborist who can perform stump removal clean-up and also provide tree removal for one price. Some arborists may charge separately for trunk and another for stump removal.

Tree removal and stump removal is a difficult process that involves a massive amount of labor. This is why an arborist should be hired to complete the task. They have the equipment to complete both a tree and stump removal more quickly than a homeowner. They also can do the task safely without risking injury to other structures or people on the premises. As a homeowner, you do not have to look at an unsightly dead or dying tree. This is why hiring an arborist is a good idea to help you beautify your property and protect your other trees from diseases and blights. Removing trees, even if they may not be diseased, can help provide you additional space for the trees that you do want to keep on your property. This can also encourage your remaining trees to stay disease-free and grow strong and healthy.