Converses have graced the feet of people all over the globe, and despite the affordable price tag,

even celebrities acknowledge the pure style that a quality pair of Converse provide.

Converse All Star

However, the popular shoemakers have come a long way since their initial creation in the early 1900’s,

and have managed to achieve worldwide acclaim with their easily identifiable footwear.

What Are The Hottest Converse Styles?

Chuck Taylor – the most recognisable All Star Converse around andone you have probably seen in various colours and style variations.

Your average person will more than likely own a pair of these Converses,but this particular style is one that goes down particularly well with celebrities.

These Chuck Taylor shoes come in numerous heights of Lo-Top, Hi-Top and X-Hi.

The shoe was promoted and designed by the basketball athlete of the same name,

who made improvements and alterations to make this shoe ideal for basketball players.

Jack Purcell – originally an excellent badminton player, anyone doing a Google search of

the name will instead end up with a screen full of sneaker-styled Converse.

These shoes are a completely different style to the less rounded shape of the Chuck Taylor.

Ballerina – Every girl appreciates a quality pair of pumps to wear during the summer time, and you can’t beat the convenience of slip-ons.

The Ballerina shoe still has sporty people in mind,

so if you ever suspect you will need to participate in any form of exercise then this fashionable and stylish shoe is probably just the thing you need.Converse Ballerina

With these being the three main contrasting styles,

Converse is constantly creating more sports inspired shoes with a fashionable edge to them.

Who Wears Converse Shoes?

From Rihanna to Daniel Craig and from David Bowie to Miley Cyrus,

the list of celebrities who love to wear Converse is too long to list in full.

Despite Converse shoes being loved so much by celebs,

they are not the only kinds of people who have an affinity towards the brand.

Converse shoes are largely considered athlete shoes due to them being originally aimed at tennis players,

however after Chuck Taylor’s input made them more basketball friendly, people associate them much more with basketball players shoes.

Converse shoes are still adapting now, and with all the associations already attached to the brand, another addition is their new alternative skater style.

For an even better Converse with a nicer colour, opt for the 2-fold converse shoes in grey and blue,

which look perfect in their default style, but look even better when rolled down to reveal their extra colours.

How Do Celebrities Wear Converse?

Despite their privilege, you do really have to feel for celebrities for having to look fashionable all the time.

They can’t even go for a sweaty trip to the gym without a paparazzi trying to snap them looking their worst,

which is why many of them count on Converse to save the day.

Here are a few of their favourite ways to wear them:

  • Skinny Jeans – Probably the most popular piece of clothing to team with Converses, and celebrities love wearing their favourite pair so that it laps over the jean.
  • Bare Legs – A winner during the warmer seasons is to wear them with pleated dresses and hot pant shorts, for adding a casual modesty to your more flashy outfits.
  • Leggings – Since they are sportswear as well as fashionable footwear, celebs adore wearing these paired with leggings or fitness clothes to add some style to an otherwise simple look.

So be inspired, and take on one of the few fashion trends that we commoners can partake in without emptying our bank accounts.

With plenty of affordable Converse shoes to choose from, your dream pair for every occasion is waiting for you somewhere.

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