Men wear several types of necklaces that are much different to the style and design women wear. As a jewelry owner, it is your responsibility to protect, clean and keep them brand new forever so that you will not lose their charm and perfection.

1. You should wear it with extra care. Keep a box where you put necklace after have taken it off. Never throw it anywhere in your drawer, washroom or dressing table in order to avoid the dust enter the small hinges or groves if any on the pendant or necklace design. Moreover, necklace ill not lose its original shape and beauty.

2. As humans we often sweat and oil, these are agents in our skin. They have substances that can affect the necklace, so you must take any shampoo and mix a small dab of it with water. You must use it as a mixture along any brush. Old toothbrush is the best. Apply the mixture on your brush and use it carefully on the necklace.

3. There are strips available in the market that is made solely for the purpose to wipe off dirt and dust out of your necklace. You must apply it before and after you wear jewelry to store properly.

4. Toothpaste is good for your tarnished necklace. A survey was conducted and participants brought their stained necklaces, they use toothpaste and it was shocking that the stains had vanished after the necklace dried.

5. Avoid using hair mousse, hair mousse, hair gels and hair sprays because they contain chemicals. It can reduce the life of necklace or your other jewelry. They can also damage the finish and surface of your necklace or tarnish them.

6. You can also use the boiling water in a pot. Add some salt and less than a half spoon of baking soda and put your necklace on it for a couple of minutes. You will see that it will become brighter.

7. You can bring your necklace to jewelry store to polish it.

8. Also, you can buy some jewelry polish from any nearby department stores. Apply it with the help of a fabric that has shine of its own. It is highly suggested to use Chinese silk, as it is the best fabric to clean jewelry.

9. You must keep your hip hop necklace and your spouse’s jewelry out of reach of children. Never let them play with your jewelry especially necklace because they will surely cut it off.