Children with special needs require special care when visiting the dentist. Your child may have unique issues with their teeth and gums due to different medications, the mouth’s structure, or what your child is able to eat. It is extremely important for the child to visit the dentist to stay as healthy as possible, but sometimes children with special needs have difficulties visiting the dentist. There are four ways children with special needs can feel comfortable at the dentist.

4 Ways Children With Special Needs Can Feel Comfortable At The Dentist

Take Your Child to the Dentist Early

It can be quite intimidating to visit the dentist for any child who has never been to the dentist before. Children with special needs may require some familiarity with their dentist. Visiting the dentist regularly also ensures good oral care as the child grows and their conditions change.

Pick a Compassionate Dentist

Dentists who understand the fear associated with having professional oral care procedures implement ways to help their patients relax as soon as they walk in the door. Some dentists even eliminate the sounds and smells of a regular dentist office so their patients won’t be triggered to remember a less pleasant experience at the dentist office. A caring and compassionate dentist is the best choice for a child with special needs.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Children with special needs may need more than friendly faces to help them relax throughout their visit to their dentist. Sedation dentistry, like that available from Sedation Dentistry Center, is safely done to help patients relax or sleep throughout the entire process. It also provides a pain-free experience. Most pediatric dentists anticipate the need for sedation dentistry to increase in the future.

Choose an Experienced Dentist

A pediatric dentist should understand that not all children can express their fears adequately or may have physical difficulties at the dentist. Your dentist should be able to offer alternatives to traditional oral checkups and procedures which will work for your child. A dentist who is inflexible is most likely not a good choice for children with special needs.

Children with special needs and their caregivers do not have to fear the dentist. Having regular checkups, choosing a compassionate and experienced dentist, and exploring options like sedation dentistry are ways to help your child have a calm experience while taking care of their oral health.