Here’s how you can start paying Reparations

We all know that the black community has always suffered from oppression and continues to suffer from oppression from the white community. There are so many changes that need to be made in order to start to make some real progress with this very important issue. I have recently stumbled upon an amazing website that can help each white person out there make a tangible impact on the lives of oppressed black people. You can actually start to do something important about your privilege in a convenient way! It’s never been easier to start coughing up something in exchange for that good ol’ privilege that you enjoy every day.

Check out This site allows you to pay reparations to members of the black community and it’s very convenient and easy to use. The black community provides requests for funds to help pay for a variety of different things and you can contribute to help them achieve their goals. This is a simple way you can benefit the black community to achieve such things as: massages, a stress reduction class, a little pampering, art supplies, and many more. Why not give back and help these oppressed people get a little pampering?

They even have a troll fund that you can contribute to. Every troll comment on that site is just contributing to these reparations because a dollar will be donated each time. You can help contribute to the troll fund as well to get back at the trolls! After all, trolls hate it when their trolling causes someone to donate more to the cause they’re trolling against.

I encourage you to not only visit this site but to contribute as well if you are a white person, and to share this with everyone you know. We can make a change!


Hi my name is Christie and I am passionate about feminist values and the feminist movement. We need to stand up and have our voices heard! I am here for my fellow feminist warriors. Want to contact me directly? Shoot me an email at: [email protected] Warning, trolls WILL be ignored.