In India, matrimony sites are galore and people still meet their match through it. However, registering in Indian matrimony sites requite careful perusal of your assets and qualifications because it is only through the information you enter about yourself that will make you eligible as a suitable partner for someone. Even today, though India may seem to reflect Western culture, Indian matrimony sites are doing quite well because they are really useful in finding prospective spouses. The fact that you can put in a real professional portfolio complete with your likes, dislikes, preference and photo make you even more eligible.

Dos and Don't Of Registering In Indian Matrimony Sites

However, there is a dark side to Indian matrimony sites that none can negate. People make fake profiles by posing them as millionaires when they might really be paupers, and single, eligible bachelors when they may really be married men looking to seduce young girls. These are things that you should steer clear off when you get in touch with people. You never know who is genuine and who is not. So here are certain tips on what you should do and shouldn’t do when you register in Indian matrimony sites.

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Dos in Indian Matrimony Sites

  • You must complete the profile to get better responses. Incomplete profiles will not inspire people to respond to you.
  • Matrimonial sites can protect you from fraudulent people in certain aspects. So when you suspect somebody with a fake profile, be sure to report him/her. Not all people come with good intentions, so don’t go chatting until you are sure of someone.
  • If you feel that someone is trying to get too close to you, then bring your parents into the picture. They might be able to guide you or ‘save’ you.
  • While registering in Indian matrimony sites, be specific on the type of person you are. Write about your personality, your likes, dislikes, strengths, weakens and aims in life. Include the importance of love in marriage and life. Also make sure you include your most active email id.
  • If you are physically challenged in any way, then be honest about it.

Don’ts while dealing in Indian matrimony sites:

  • Never reveal too much personal details about yourself, where you live, landmarks near your place and information about your family. You might meet the person in a chat room, email or instant messenger and he might seem friendly and humorous; but don’t fall for it.
  • Be judgemental about the information you give out. You never know what can be used against you. If you have negative opinions about the present ruling political party or its opposition, keep them to yourself.
  • When you refrain from posting too much personal information, you must also stop using your real name, it is always better to use a screen name than your real name.
  • If someone requests your photo (other than your profile pic), don’t send them out until you are sure about the intentions of that person.