If you are looking at ways to promote your business, you can not afford to ignore the presence of the internet. With a global audience at your fingertips, making use of online methods to increase your brand awareness can prove incredibly successful.

Use Social Media

Make use of social media to promote your brand. Not only are popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter free to use, but they put you in contact with vast numbers of people. Social media offers a great platform to promote your business, but you can also learn who your customers are and their opinions. This is vital information for helping to steer the direction of your business. Make sure to regularly interact with your audience or followers – answer questions, find out what they like and provide them with useful information, for example.

A Great Website

Any business that doesn’t have a website these days runs the risk of being outwitted by its competitors and may even find it hard to sustain growth. According to the Telegraph, whatever service your business offers, it’s crucial to have an effective website. Make sure your URL is visible everywhere, including on letterheads, business cards, email signatures and even promotional items and transport.

Having a website professionally designed by experts, such as Oxford website design business datrim.co.uk, is your first step to making an effective impression online. It doesn’t pay to scrimp on the investment in a good website, as it can drive traffic to your site, increase conversions and improve your brand image and reputation.

Create Content

One of the most effective ways to increase your presence online is by creating relevant, current and engaging content. This can be for your own website, but also consider writing guest blog posts for other similar but non-competitive websites where your target audience is likely to congregate. By doing this, you can get a link back to your own site which can drive new traffic to your site and increase your brand’s awareness.

Include Video

If your business is service-based, consider creating and uploading relevant videos, such as how-to-guides and tutorials, which customers might find appealing. This could increase your volume of customers. According to the Guardian, video is the future of content marketing. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Businesses that do not include video in their internet marketing strategies could well be missing out.

Paid Advertising

There are lots of methods to promote your business online that you can do for free, making these cost-effective strategies for any firm working to a budget, especially small businesses or those just starting out. It can, however, also be worthwhile devoting some budget towards paid advertising online, such as pay-per-click ads, to boost traffic to your site.


Make sure that your website is search engine optimised so that audiences can easily find you through searches. There are lots of strategies to achieve this, with providing organic keyword-rich content a top approach to consider. Get to know what the search engines like and don’t like to ensure your website is hitting the top spots on search listings.