Are you ready for winter? Prepare for snow and traditional British weather conditions with the addition of a bespoke garden veranda or a robust home canopy. 123v is a leading specialist in UK carports, canopies and verandas, converting specialized plans into tailored designs and carefully crafted constructions. A canopy installation can combat unwelcome weather. Read on to review the principal benefits of canopies for homes, business properties and schools.

Furniture Cover

Owners of garden furniture will be keen to preserve the condition of their patio fittings during the winter. To avoid disruption over the festive season, custom canopy structures can provide ideal weather protection, serving as outdoor shelters to take in fresh air or enjoy a garden winter wonderland. A home canopy is an economical alternative to a costly home extension, fitted to create extra domestic space and open up outside possibilities all year round.

Commercial Shelter

Suitable for commercial facilities, custom canopies provide sturdy cover to workers and stock during the loading and unloading of goods. In addition, 123v manufacture practical smoking shelters to accommodate staff as the weather worsens. Vehicles can be housed beneath long-lasting carports to minimize the effects of frost and ice on cars and vans, while covered walkways reduce the exposure of staff to dangerous ground conditions following adverse weather. Protect your assets!

Covered Play Area

In recent years, snowfall has been concentrated in the early months of the New Year. Unpredictable weather not only affects workers, but also impacts on the development of school children. A school canopy is a valuable asset in the expansion of educational facilities in winter. School shelters support outside dining areas as well as covered teaching areas, extending the learning environment – whatever the weather.

123v design, construct and install luxury canopies, weatherproof carports and ornate verandas across the UK. All 123v canopy projections have been engineered and tested to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall, certifying each canopy’s suitability to its surroundings. Each structure is shaped to suit individual specifications and is custom-made to enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal and add elegant functionality as winter weather draws in.