Internet has set its roots deep into all of our lives now and its involvement has brought both good and bad things into our lives. Yes, I agree it opened the door to a world of knowledge that cannot be gathered by any other means but it does have a bad side too. Illegal and inappropriate content are also present in the web and they can easily hamper your system and more importantly, your kids. You may be mature enough to avoid such websites but your kids are in an age of exploration. Their inquisitive nature might land them in trouble if they have unrestricted internet usage.

Kidgy: An amazing app that keeps your kids safe

Kidgy app can prove to be a ‘maseeha’ for you guys…it is a kid monitoring app that has got tons of features. Some of its best features that has helped working parents like me in keeping an eye out for my kids:

  1. Whom is she texting to? Track your child’s messages using Kidgy’s message tracker. You can also view deleted messages and the content of all sent and received messages anytime.
  2. GPS Location: Real time tracking of your kid’s location helps you keep an eye on his whereabouts and the GPC tracker also adds time stamps to location alerts.
  3. Geofencing: You can create safe areas in the map of the app and get notifications when your child tries to get out of the safe zone.
  4. Panic button: The app also provides a panic button using which your child can contact you when in danger or in need. It helps your kid avoid kidnapping and harassment scenes.
  5. Application usage: You can block certain app usage for your children. Controlled app usage prevents time waste and is particularly helpful during exams.
  6. Call restrictions: You can block unlimited number of contacts whom you do not want your kids to talk to. Getting into inappropriate relationships can be avoided by using this feature as well as the text restriction feature.
  7. Sketch a schedule for your kids: You can prepare a study plan for your kids using this app and help them out when they need you. Cultivate good habits into your kids by scheduling good learning activities for your kids.
  8. Internet Filter for kids: Last but certainly not the least, internet filter feature helps you keep your kids away from adult sites, restricted links, etc. putting internet filter also limits their internet usage as a result of which they get more time to spend with family and friends.

Kidgy Internet filter

Using internet filter, you can make sure your kid is not lurking into the dark side of the web and is not looking at adult content which is quite common in kids growing into teenage. Blocking internet during school hours will help them remain concentrated on their classes. No internet usage in sleeping hours leads to a more satisfying sleep. Cyber threats can also be avoided by blocking certain websites which not only pose threat to your kid but also to your mobile.