Keeping healthy and fit with Yoga

It is not easy for people to understand that keeping fit is the healthiest way to live for long. Definitely, there are many ways to kip fit and healthy but most people ignore or they do not have the idea on which exercise to do. Well, here is the solution for you. The Yoga exercise is the most magnificent way to achieve a healthy fit body and stress free life. Today, a national worldwide survey, of long-term Yoga practitioners reported that mental and muscular–skeletal health is important to human and it improves with yoga.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a generic term commonly used to refer to any mental, spiritual, physical, and disciplines practises that originated in the ancient India.

Yoga Poses Indexing


The performance of the Yoga positions known as Asanas is the heart of the numerous types of yoga practises and each has a specific mental or physical benefits. In every pose there are instructions and how to go about it. Yoga poses includes types that ranges from basic or beginners to advanced yoga.

1. Child’s Pose (Bal-Asana):

It starts with kneeling positions where it can be done in 2 ways. First, keep the knees together and separate from the feet and allow yourself to rest on the floor with the bottom. Secondly, for a deeper stretch; role your body calves away from thighs.

Place a towel between heels and hips and ensure it is rolled, and then sit back with shins together on your heels.

Then start gradually to lower on the floor, with the belly resting either between or on the thighs and the forehead to reach towards the mat if that doesn’t happen, then place a yoga block or towel under the forehead.

Proceed by stretching out the arms in front to feel a certain stretch up length of the back. Then stretch your arms, they should be alongside your body, ensuring fingertips are facing the toes so as to stretch between the blades shoulder.

TIP: To help alleviating sinus congestion the forehead should be rolled forth and back with your arms across the mat

2. Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha svanasana):

Start by coming on to your knees and hands, placing your hands directly under the shoulder, knees and the hips.

Then tuck the toes under while pushing your hips so that the body forms a triangular shape with the bottom as your peak. Keep the legs bent and heels lifted if your legs happen to be either stiff or tight.

Subsequently, pull in your belly-button letting your head to hang, and try to move shoulder blades away from the spot of ears. Keep your weigh evenly spread by spreading your toes and fingers widely but keep in mind to make it more restful pose ,the mass or rather the weight should be taken  off your arms an lastly you engage some quadriceps ,done by uplifting the kneecaps.

TIP: Try to place your hands on a seat of a wooden chair set, probably against the wall if you will need the arms to help you in this position.