Seated forward fold Yoga – (Paschimottanasana)


Performing this yoga six steps are always considered. This include

  1. Sit on a mat and extending your legs in front, the heels should be slightly flexed and pull up the belly button toward the spine to ensure you have a firms support.

  2. Rise up your arms gradually in the air, sit tall and inhale.

  3. Exhale and Reach forward to your toes by leaning slowly allowing your weight arms to rest on your shins, ankles or on the thighs.

  4. Slowly using your head, allow it to drop and then gaze past your peak end of the nose tip. Then ensure your allow the upper body to relax.

  5. Straightens your legs, then flex also the feet and engage in quadriceps (lift the knee cap) so that you can keep your knees from locking.

  6. Inhale for a while and in every inhale, if done perfectly you feel the spine stretch growing longer (assume your head crown reaches out to the wall in front of you) while with every exhale, allow your body to sink a bit lower (the chest should get closer towards the floor).

TIP: If you cannot reach at your toes, take a towel and wrap it around the feet and grasp firmly on either end with your hands, this is called an improvised yoga strap. Easily bend the knees if your arm strings tend to be tight

FlabbyArms Yoga- Bakasana (Crane Pose).

It is very difficult if you want to lose some weight especially on the arms without shedding off some of the overall fat in the body. The arm fat proportion will reduce if there is some loss of the exact total of body fat, hence the need to combine a fat exercise program that will ensure fat burning, second with a health weight diet loss schedule.

In life the basis of your lifestyle and stamina depends mostly on exercise. There is a Yoga pose that is simple and very beneficial especially in strengthening and toning the muscles found on the arms. This is Yoga is know us the Bakasana (Crane Pose) and it mainly focuses on flabby fat arms.

Work out tip

For this kind of Yoga, you need first to lower your body position in a squat state or another way, if you happen to find that squatting is a very difficult pose ,then you can start by bringing the elbows towards the knees ,

When you are in the squatting state position, breathe deeply and firmly press your forearms against your inner thighs.

Proceed by placing your hands in front and spreading the part known as dingers. Equal weight should be felt on the fingers and palms. Ensure you bring your total mass weight on arms, just near the upper arms and finish by lifting up your feet on the toes. Look ahead as you lift the toes and maintain balance. Mastering this art of yoga may take some ample time initially but as time goes you will realise that it tremendously strengthens the arms.

Author Bio:

This is a Guest Post by Raj yoga master and skin specialist in his spare time writes for healthwheeze and healthbuzzer